Intersectional Woo and other fun

Sick to death here of all this loonery [this one’s tongue-in-cheek]:


From the New York Times op-ed page, more in the war of the Intersectional vs. Science

Or not just howling at govts who cave to their every childish whim, they’re now scratching each other’s eyes out:

How much of it can you take?

Who’s Afraid of Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop?
The long history of hating on “woo.”

And in our parliament:

When you look at footage of old parliamentary debates, with people like Enoch Powell, even Chamberlain, speaking, the whole tone has now sunk to the Bercowish gutter.

Swamp?  More like a sewer.  And over in the States, the cows running the whole Washington show are the lowest of the low.  Two criminals hopefully about to be brought down – Pelosi and Schiff – actually running a state ‘hearing’ and ‘trial’.  Whatever happened to ‘of good standing’?

Dysfunctional families, lack of education, the insanity of the Narrative appealing to crims and loons – that’s the whole circus today.

And the bottom line is that someone out there elects these people.  The invaders and the dead?  Fixed voting machines?