The New Meaning Of The Word ‘Vulnerable’…

A former chief superintendant who now works with Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust says gangs and knife crime should be looked at through “the prism of vulnerability”.

No, no, of course he doesn’t mean your vulnerability to their depredations! Perish the thought…

He says it’s important to understand the impact “adverse character experiences”, such as mental health problems, substance abuse or a period of homelessness can have on people.

No, no, of course he doesn’t mean you innocent people who have to suffer the consequences of their depredations! Perish the thought…

“When I think back to my time as a Sergeant in the boroughs [of Camden and Islington] there was a lot more youth clubs. How do you make sure you have resources in place [so that] young people feel safe going there? We seem to have the buildings but we don’t have, necessarily, the people to deliver those services.”

Yes, if only there was a youth club nearby, staffed by state employees, then 16 year olds would be playing ping pong, and not stabbing each other to death in mainline stations in broad daylight, eh?

“Having worked as a PC and a Sergeant and an inspector and chief inspector in the borough’s (sic), I think I’ve got understanding of local issues. Over the years I’ve met some amazing teachers, counsellors, police, NHS staff – it’s about how you get together to deal with the problems.”

I think the fact that someone so utterly naive about reality has spent so long employed by the State with so little result to show for it IS the problem.

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  1. February 7, 2020 at 12:41 pm

    Of course a youth club would solve every gang related problem overnight, why didn’t we think of that before?

    I mean, it’s not like all the good kids will be vulnerable attempting to get to the youth club would they?

    It’s not like the gang would be hanging around the region of the club waiting for a handy vulnerable target to stab or cajole into criminal activity is it?

    Of course if the number of stabbings, gang related violence or anti-social behaviour related to the club wouldn’t cause it to be closed down would it?

    I mean, it’s not like the Police have the resources to actually Police, on the streets where these gangs act is it?

    It’s not like people have lost all common sense is it?

    Sorry to so rhetorical but……Jeez.

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