The special relationship

There are obviously those in powerful positions who would like to drive a wedge between the US and UK or UK and US, whichever you wish.

And there’ve been certain critical times in the recent past, back to ‘some time ago’ when the alliance has been threatened.

Whilst this is the current one:

… I’m thinking more of Philby and Bill Donovan:

By the way, look who wrote that piece.  This was no less explosive:

In the summer of 1940 Winston Churchill had a serious problem. Joseph P. Kennedy was the United States Ambassador to Britain. He soon came to the conclusion that the island was a lost cause and he considered aid to Britain fruitless. Kennedy, an isolationist, consistently warned Roosevelt “against holding the bag in a war in which the Allies expect to be beaten.” 

Neville Chamberlain wrote in his diary in July 1940: “Saw Joe Kennedy who says everyone in the USA thinks we shall be beaten before the end of the month.” 

Averell Harriman later explained the thinking of Kennedy and other isolationists: “After World War I, there was a surge of isolationism, a feeling there was no reason for getting involved in another war… We made a mistake and there were a lot of debts owed by European countries. The country went isolationist.

Though it’s clearly salami tactics for isolationism after allies are on their last legs and arrogance to think one can stand alone against the world, misgivings are still understandable, given Kennedy and Donovan for example – the British seem to have a death wish at times, or else the PM of the time, just as Roosevelt did, wanted to ruin the nation.  That’s before even going into the Dulles Bros.

The obvious question coming out of it all is just exactly who is representing whom?  Look at these peerages for the two tossers Clarke and Hammond – at least Bercow was snubbed.  This is either Johnson being treacherous for his masters or else it’s quid pro quo or else it’s the delusional fantasy that having appointed an enemy, you have now appeased him – please see Benedict Romney for evidence that it simply does NOT work.

Johnson is well known for his ‘let’s all get along together, chaps, in One Nation’ naivete and that is simply NOT an option at this time, with the Left having gone communist and loony in every major nation – look at the support for Sanders over there.

To my mind, it’s the height of stupidity and irresponsibility for the press to come out with this rubbish this morning about America still secretly wanting to be ruled by London.  You have got to be kidding. While there’s still latent resentment harking back to the Tea Party and incidentally, to Benedict Arnold himself, though the Americans do have this chip on the shoulder, we also have a chip on the shoulder that the Americans took so damned long in both wars.

All that is by the by – the important thing is that the US, Britain and its main Commonwealth partners are allies, whether elements within those countries want it or not.  And there was one other country which the west does not trust and that is Russia.

I can’t think of anything more stupid than the US/UK and Russia being at loggerheads.  The cultures of both, pre-USSR, were similar, the Crimean War was stupid and clearly there are elements up above who want this artificial conflict to bear fruit.

You can point to Russia’s hobnobbing with Iran and that’s so, it is so stupid in itself, given the terrorist threat within Russia itself – were there to be a real alliance between the Big Three again, not even China could stand against that.

Which brings us back to this Huawei and 5G.