Criminal insanity with gas

Twisted Root brings us this:

Be very afraid. Hydrogen has already been injected into the UK gas grid:-

Dr Graham Cooley, CEO, ITM Power said: “I am delighted that this important pilot project is now operational. The increased use of hydrogen to decarbonise heat via the gas grid will perform a critical role in helping the UK to fulfil its ambitious climate change obligations. Indeed, the Committee for Climate Change has indicated that the UK will need between 6GW and 17GW of electrolysis in the next 30 years to store renewable power and provide renewable heat. Today’s announcement is a very significant step.”

Where is GEMA? Where is Ofgem? What sort of loonies allowed this clown to even get close to doing this, given that the whole climate scam is a subterfuge?

They clearly want something like this to occur:

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  1. Ed P
    February 11, 2020 at 11:48 am


    Gleaned from the linked sources:
    Across Europe, up to 12% hydrogen is permissible in gas supplies.
    But town gas used to have up to 60% hydrogen, so safety is not compromised.
    This pilot will mix 20% hydrogen from solar/wind-sourced electrolysis into the gas supply (which presently contains but 0.1% hydrogen).

    So, leaving aside whether it’s necessary for “the climate”, I don’t see that the technique is either criminal or insane.

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