False prophets

To understand this one, you need to know that this group was one of the most Conservative Party groups going, though not officially.  I think they may have drifted Brexit Party at the election – the real battle was Tories [wets] versus conservatives [dries], of which I was among the Thatcher latter [more Tebbitt than Major], the Left nowhere, but there is a sense of disquiet over impending Boris betrayal … and just look at his actions – bleedin’ £20bn bridge, HS2 rammed through – priorities, priorities.

I have never stopped saying that Boris has NOT delivered Brexit in any sense which Leavers or Brexiteers understand.  Farage also sold out his party.

Some of you have said to me – well it was that or Corbyn.  Yes, that’s how it was set up to be, true.  And now still shackled, still EU courts, accommodation with Macron on fishing, French firm to build our ships.

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  1. James Strong
    February 14, 2020 at 7:22 am

    The political class has no interest in the ordinary people of this country.

    Many of them are indifferent to us, many despise us and a small number possibly hate us.

    And this is the same the world over. The Democrats and Republicans don’t care about ordinary Americans. One of the reasons the Swamp hates Trump is that Trump really does care about the legal citizens of the USA.

    Macron, Merkel, Von der Leyn et. al. don’t care about the peoples of the member states of the EU.

    And those places I mention are what we are pleased to call democracies.

    There are possibly not 1,000 people in the world who think that the government and Communist Party of China care about the people of China, Possibly not 100 who think that North Korea cares about its people.

    Some problems are intractable.

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