Define by race or death cult?

It’s mainly the young [including TR as young here] who are at each other’s throats on the right.  As well as being dismaying, both sides have erred and spoken rightly.

TR and others define the issue as death cult alone and recently had a go at Ross Kemp, who refused to name the cult.  Thus yet again the cult gets off free and the real horror is forever hidden and covered by the PTB.

Laura Towler goes strictly by race in this manner, Jo does too above. The problem with TR is his appalling PR.  See, he has to realise that in order to justify to yourself your ill-treatment, that it has been worth it, you still have to show the desperate danger the land is in by argument and with backup.

I’ve not yet seen someone young able to do that.  I can but I’m not the future now.  These headstrong youngsters need to step back and talk to old hands in this business.

The demographic complicating the matter is the Enoch Powell concern and footage of violence shows all the above variously involved, plus Antifa, climate thugs.

The homegrown Brit who can claim a great grandparent and go back, say, four generations before that – well, it was never a bed of roses anyway.  Cue the IRA.

Even our age range and older – cue Sanders, Corbyn and the like – have many true idiots among them.

Accessing Roger Scruton is a good start anyway.


Post are sporadic just now from me, have been ill.