Are These Views Beyond The Pale, Then..?

The BBC has said it will no longer use the pundit Craig Ramage after the former midfielder criticised

The government? The fat cat football chiefs?

No, don’t be silly. Those are all fair game:

Derby County’s “young black lads”, saying they needed “bringing down a peg or two”.

Which is a paraphrase of what he actually said. And what he actually said has now been airbrushed out of history:

Kick It Out had called on the BBC to take “effective action” after Ramage, a former Derby and Watford midfielder, said on the programme, which has since been edited and re-uploaded online: “When I look at certain players, their body language, their stance, the way they act, you just feel, hold on a minute, he needs pulling down a peg or two.

“So I’d probably say that about all the young black lads, all the young advice if they wanted it, that, you know, it’s about, when you are struggling for form, you are going through a sticky patch, it’s about going back to basics, working hard, and doing the right things.”

And not the wrong things. What’s wrong with that?

On Sunday the 22-year-old Derby defender Max Lowe flagged up Ramage’s comments on social media, saying he “decided to speak out on behalf of all black footballers at Derby County”.

Did they ask him to?

Lowe added on Instagram: “Racial ignorance, stereotyping and intolerance negatively affects the image of impressionable young footballers and creates an unnecessary divide in society.

I am also disappointed that a public service broadcaster did not step in to ask the analyst to explain his reasoning or to distance themselves from these archaic thoughts.”

Which is it? More discussion of his comment, or silencing? You can’t really have both, can you?

2 comments for “Are These Views Beyond The Pale, Then..?

  1. James Strong
    February 29, 2020 at 7:01 am

    A rugby player at a small club in Wales has been banned for 2 months for calling an opponent a ‘black c**t’.

    Not for calling him a ‘c**t’.

    The game during which the incident occurred was abandoned.

    The victim of the hurty words was also sent off in the game, but I’m not sure what he did wrong.

    Among other terms I’ve heard aimed at me and team-mates during rugby matches:

    fat b*sta**d

    long streak of piss

    short-arsed c**t

    sp**t*c (the word sp**t*c was quite a common term of abuse years ago, less so now, I believe)

    and countless times –


  2. February 29, 2020 at 7:25 am

    Stereotyping is very useful. I do it m’self.

    I use just my two index fingers for typing.

    I often use two fingers for giving an opinion too.

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