The MSM – corrupt Woke conduit

When we post things which most people now know, e.g. the MSM is as corrupt as it can be, wholly owned and in thrall to the third force Polly referred to in her closing remarks, then pundits like James O’Keefe and every little blogger like us are fighting a losing battle unless the Donald is for real and to a lesser extent, Boris over here:

Before we even start, the problem is the lexicon, what words mean, which are applicable. Polly’s video uses the garish ‘Marxist-Leninist’ heading, others use ‘global socialist’, the one getting more people to pay attention today is Woke.

To summarise Polly’s closing remarks [linked above], after the war, the PTB determined that the big fight was going to be capitalism v communism and thus the heroes and betes noires were defined, the Cold War began.  The scare of the time was not Coronavirus or SARS so much as polio and aliens coming down or even among us – the Pod People.  The feminist variant was the Stepford Wives. The communist scare was big, followed by the satanic paedo thing.

While that was being set in motion, the real muvvers of doom were hiding within institutions and groups – one she mentions is the Jews.  Not really Jews at all or if anything, apostate Jews choosing Mammon over God, we’re talking every unholy little creep from Alinsky to Weinstein – all groups are infiltrated.  Just look at the Churches who consistently put their worst foot forward in order to drive people away – the Pope, Welby, the US mega-Churches with their Rolls Royce living, even Trump’s so-called spiritual adviser is one of Them.  Paedo priests.  Chick Fil A CEO betrays customer base.

The maddening thing for anyone at least half well read is that it was all laid down, the procedure, and Alinsky helped it along, plus Marcuse, Benjamin et al – it’s to march through the institutions, all institutions of western society and bring them to their knees – marriage, rampant pre-marital and extra-marital are examples I’m looking at and the spin-offs are predictable – the current abortion horror run by taxpayer funded organisations – we all notice different things.

Edward Spalton notices things like criminal organisations running council services – the files were impossible to load so here are two screenshots which will at least give you an idea – the current Spectator:

[The second can be enlarged by clicking on the pic and keep clicking until embiggened.]

Glasgow – £2 million contract for hospital taxis going to the crooks! Chair of the relevant committee excessively fond of the company of very young people and laying down the burden of his public office.

If you try to post an overall picture and, say, send to the editors of three local papers, what do you do if all are Common Purpose “graduates”?

Then there is fly tipping which has cost around £30,000 to clear up in one case and we here where I live also have the issue. Another report coming in here is of a chap who lives near an illicit gipsy encampment which the local council refuses to close down. The campaigners have used drones to produce photographic evidence but still the council does not act.

Councils up and down the country and I’d say one could include the continent and the US in this, let alone the antipodes – there is a consistent pattern in all cases.  A few years back we looked at Sheffield Council.

Could it be called the new mafia-run society?

Are swamps being drained?  Are they hell as like.  And the main culprit in the interface between Them and public is the MSM.

Boris is a perfect case in point.  The BBC give him and anyone conservative a hard time or ignore him, we’ve been banging on about the BBC and its licence fee for years, I’ve been going on about it since it’s sycophantic take on Yarafat years ago, we all have our tales.  So, in comes Boris with the word Brexit taped to the lectern anywhere he goes and he’s returned by a thumping majority, even though it’s not Brexit in the least which he’s bringing in.

What does he do?  Takes up the two major issues of defence and fisheries as half promised?  Nope, he goes to spend billions on two vanity projects – HS2 and a bridge to Northern Ireland, neither of which anyone wants. Does he deal with foreign aid?  Does he hell.

And how does he deal with criticism?  Defunds the BBC and squeezes C4.  I was asked by three overseas friends why the hell he is not stopped.

How?  There is no provision for recall and he was just returned by a stupid public who can only see blue and red.  The turquoise alternative sold out – that was the only effective real opposition to Them and they bottled it of course.

The MSM control how the unthinking public think.  On the way into town, there was talk radio on, at the GP there was wide screen TV with the MSM inviting handpicked guests to lie.  And people were just lapping it up or ignoring it.  No one asked any questions.  No one.

To say it’s bizarre is the understatement of the era.

Where is the only effective voice?  In the censored Twitter – I had a look and 45 of my posts had been archived without sending by Twitter.  FB is not even worth bothering with. There are our little blogs and they’re effective for limited numbers but even here people are dazed, fazed and drifting away to do home domestic chores and go for walks instead.

Meanwhile, do the muvvers who have hidden within organisations stop?  Do they hell – night and day, day and night, always some new proposal for further insanity comes up and is approved.  In Finland, the all-feminazi govt has just proposed open borders as a bill, more on that when it happens.

And the MSM is the vehicle by which all this gets to the public, framed by their masters hiding behind institutions, fait accompli.