Tell Me Again Why Journalists Are Despised..?

Really? Well, no. Of course not.

First, who claims this?

Jim Deans, from the Sussex Homeless Support charity, said he has been pleading with Brighton and Hove City Council officials since September to let him use the water pump near Black Rock.

What does he have to gain?

The activist set up and helps run converted buses at the Brighton seafront spot which provide shelter for homeless people.

He claimed a nearby water pump was turned off before the buses moved there.

And he claims he has spent months pleading with the council to switch it back on.

Who to believe?

The council said there was no agreement to provide water.

Hmmm. How is he coping with this ‘no water’?

He said: “We would not have moved anywhere if we thought we would not get any water.

“The guys are having to fill up ten litre water containers, walking across to the Marina every night.

“Sometimes they have to walk twice depending on how much water we are using.”

Oh. Very well, with a bit of effort. So what about his claims he’s been ‘pleading with the council’? Are they bunkum too?

A Brighton and Hove City Council spokesman said: “There has previously been discussion but no agreement for us to supply Mr Deans’ buses with water.

“His service operates separately from the council, and outside our control.

“Mr Deans has not recently approached the council asking for access to water.

“We will arrange to meet with him to discuss his concerns.”

This isn’t ‘news’ at all – it’s a pressure-building service for an activist to twist the arm of the council.