The right to be rude

If this earlier today was about the intrusion into and curtailment of privacy and how they go about it, then this next article is about the curtailment of free speech:

Not sure how much readers know of Open Source:

… but as you can imagine, it was pretty much wild west at its inception and these are the people towards whom the net owes a debt of gratitude. If they’re a bit rough and ready around the edges, a bit curmudgeonly perhaps, then so be it, say I.

Today I learned that the Open Source Initiative has reached that point of bureaucratization. I – OSI’s co-founder and its president for its first six years – was kicked off their lists for being too rhetorically forceful in opposing certain recent attempts to subvert OSD clauses 5 and 6. This despite the fact that I had vocal support from multiple list members who thanked me for being willing to speak out.

It shouldn’t be news to anyone that there is an effort afoot to change – I would say corrupt – the fundamental premises of the open-source culture. Instead of meritocracy and “show me the code”, we are now urged to behave so that no-one will ever feel uncomfortable.

To say I’m appalled is an understatement and it’s the same principle, the Voltaire principle, about smoking as well.

I’m no swear-blogger myself, recognising the possible presence of ladies, but within my own male circle, I’ve been known to rival dockers and navvies. That’s not the point, the point is that this was the culture within which creativity abounded.

The absolute necessity to keep the Woke SJWs completely out of this type of work cannot be too vigorously underscored. The simple fact is that the Woke who worm their way into work such as this are not giving their full attention to the work, they are vastly more concerned about political aspects and as many of us know – they’re usually rubbish at the work as well or at best – basically competent.

And I’d lay odds that those inflicting this Wokeness are the usual culprits – females of a type, plus the new pussified males.

The cost of a culture in which avoiding offense trumps the liberty to speak is that crybullies control the discourse. To our great shame, people who should know better – such as the OSI list moderators and BOD – have internalized anticipatory surrender to crybullying. They no longer even wait for the soi-disant victims to complain before wielding the ban-hammer.

We are being social-hacked from being a culture in which freedom is the highest value to one in which it is trumped by the suppression of wrongthink and wrongspeak.

Just how is this insidious Wokeness creeping into every single field on the planet?  Who appointed these bastards?

And how can they now be un-appointed?

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  1. Valentine Gray
    March 10, 2020 at 10:36 am

    Wokeness is not creeping into every field on the planet–Only in European Heritage Cultures that are under attack from a warped Liberal- feminist–LGBT oligarchy allied to an Islamic expansionist mission. Trevor Philips and Tommy Robinson may have more in common than we think

    • March 10, 2020 at 11:47 am

      There’s a pdf about TP I’m going to run here soon.

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