Then Pay Your Staff More…

A pier boss fears a planned immigration crackdown could lead to recruitment trouble for the tourism industry.

So? Recruit British staff, then.

Brighton Palace Pier chief executive Anne Ackord said the Government’s planned points-based immigration system will deprive businesses of seasonal workers.

The scheme, set to be introduced next January, assigns points for specific skills, jobs, and salaries, with only those with 70 points or above gaining permission to work.

But Ms Ackord said she would not be able to fill the pier’s workforce without migrant workers.

Why not?

Eighty five per cent of our current applicants are European, despite all our recruitment being local,” she said.

“We do not advertise abroad but the candidates have always been this demographic in my 16 years on the pier.

“If we employed every candidate who applied through long-term unemployment schemes and job centre adverts we would still be 50 per cent short of peak season team members.”

So, they aren’t applying. Your job offer isn’t attractive enough. Pay more.

“Before we could even contemplate managing without a European workforce we need to look at how we prepare youngsters for work while ensuring tourism and leisure are presented to our future workers in a positive light.

“They are shutting the door before we are prepared. There is a better way of handling this switch.”

No, not really. Take less profit. If you can only survive on foreign staff, you’re doing something wrong.

And the public are no longer prepared to put up with the drawbacks of mass immigration so that people like you can have a standard of life that they can’t afford for themselves.

The country’s changing. Change with it.

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  1. Ed P
    March 9, 2020 at 3:20 pm

    Brighton is not short of the unemployed. But how many are actually sober enough to be employable is questionable.
    Ms Ackord is receiving a lesson in supply & demand, possibly for the first time in her sheltered life. If relying on government schemes, i.e., taxpayer subsidies, is not enough to fill vacancies, then pay more, as Julia says.

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