Cursory analysis of the much-cursed Budget

James Delingpole quotes Adam Smith Institute’s Matthew Lesh on the Budget:

It is seriously concerning that the Government is looking at ripping up the fiscal rules. A Conservative Government should not implement debunked Keynesian stimulus theories. Some infrastructure and public services spending, as well as supporting individuals and businesses during Covid-19, is necessary.

But in the longer-run, spending like a drunken sailor will not create a thriving entrepreneurial economy. Expansive vanity projects won’t make us better off. Bureaucrats picking winners does not support risk-taking by entrepreneurs — the Government should be cutting red tape on innovation like limits on biotechnology, not presuming to know what is best.

Dellers concludes:

If you had a choice between, say, indulging Boris Johnson’s self-aggrandising predilection for grands projets — such as HS2 or his lunatic proposed tunnel to Ireland — or having more of your own money to spend on things you actually wanted, which would you choose?

The aspect which has me sighing into the early morning coffee is that the joint Prime Minister Carrie Symons got her Green way and did that satisfy one of her Green Gaia goddesses Lucas?  Did it heck as like – Lucas was scathing, said it was a hugely disappointing budget and not at all Green.

Comments from the thread below the article:

#  It’s all ‘virtue signalling’ and sweeteners to keep the unwary masses onside whilst Bozo’s Globalist lackey administration engineers the cancellation of Brexit. [Dez]

#  The masses have shown time and time again that they will stick their heads into the noose and beg the executioner to pull the lever. [Pragmatic Citizen]

#  Nice to see Dellers actually responding within his comments thread:

#  An accelerated currency debasement that some economists believe will hasten an eventual repudiation of fiat currency and return to hard money.

[canadian hegemony]

#  Not a penny off income tax, weren’t the Tories supposed to be in favour of small government . All this does is make Britain ever more attractive to migrants, more free housing, more welfare, and with no border control until January 1st 2021 we can expect another million through the back door (read: Britain’s Great Immigration Disaster) [David Kane]

#  How Globalism takes over a nation after it has its government in its pocket, bribe the population of the nation you take over with easy public sector jobs, move the real jobs out to China/India, invest in them, then tax that, then pay the wages, keep the rest and spend it on utter crap, yea, that’s about it.
Until Zero Carbon, and poverty, that’s the real plan, state wages, state housing, state ownership of us, we get less, in effect Serfdom, but with a Genocidal slant. [SpiritoftheWind]