One of the things which annoys is when the Unthinking Woke of Celebrity, e.g. Daniel Craig, talk out of their derrieres as if they have something significant to add, whilst those who do their homework get scant recognition.

I do NOT mean me but middling level pundits such as Pollie who plug away and others such as Radders and many others featured doing grand work, our temporarily lamented DR is one of those.

Pollie takes the view that this Wuhan or Cv is being milked for all it’s worth, which is so but on the other hand, it is quite deadly where demographics such as mine are involved. So we have a bizarre situation where two views appear to be opposed but in fact are both right.

Similar exists with the ECHR which, technically only, is separate to the EU, being under the older Council of Europe.  However, they are aligned

On Sovereignty and the ECHR

An example of the interweaving of the participants is:

Sir Paul John Mahoney KCMG (born 1946)[1] is a British jurist who was a Judge of the European Court of Human Rights. He was the first President of European Union Civil Service Tribunal (2005–2011).

There are two issues here – first is the interweaving with the EU both ideologically and the second issue below ties in with that – what ideology?  Look at the NGOs so many of the judges work for.

This is from Pollie’s latest:

With the Soros links to the NGOs, the judges’ impartiality is at least conflict of interest, the views are aligned with EU directives, one judge alone can decide what is admissible or not.

Test case:

On the surface, Johnson appears to be ready to exit the Convention:

if you look at that, it is ‘reports claim’, plus after the transition period is over.

When will that be?  Have a look:

And of course, there is Cv, is there not?

Not to mention legal challenges.

And Daniel Craig tells the legions with his bare chest that it’s all fine and good, a great bunch of people.

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  1. March 15, 2020 at 11:14 am

    It is like a metastacised cancer. Tentacles so wide and deep that the patient – Justice – cannot survive.

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