Lighthearted and more serious thoughts on Cv

There’s a lot of aggravation going on between the thinkers, the hysterical, the ignorant and the malicious over this Cv, resulting in diametrically opposed advice, all sides trotting out ‘experts’ in the field who contradict one another, not unlike over man-made climate change.

Into this come the meme-makers and I submit that there’s very much a case for them posting humorous memes. We’ve some in folders to use in the coming days and I’m claiming, as a member of one of Johnson’s main target groups, that I’m at liberty to make jokes about that should I wish, in order to keep the spirits up.

Spirits are not a bad idea either.

More serious aspects, by the way, are in the second half of this post – but for now:

1. René François Ghislain Magritte knew a thing or two about viruses and isolation:

2. Karma for Soy Boy and all who go near him?

3. Some good news to come out of **the Wuhan bug*:

4. And again:

5. And again:

6. Of course, never let a good crisis go to waste:

7. As it says in the url:

* Go on, take me apart on the word ‘bug’  ** H/T haiku

Now to get to grips with this

… meaning what sort of actions to take:

1. For a start, you should have been prepping over the past few months, not jumping in the car when everyone else does and becoming human locusts. Because if you’ve been that foolish, you’re about to reap the harvest and be an unpleasant, even dangerous person to be near.

Reason for that statement, as any prepper worth his stockpiles will tell you, is that, faced with shortages, people’s ethics tend to take a hit, particularly if not constrained by their faith, plus their reality is coming from the MSM.

2.  One wise piece of advice I saw was to keep the liquid up, as with most conditions, keep the nostrils moist enough, keep the body warm, take care of the vitamin D.


Between October and early March we don’t get enough vitamin D from sunlight. Read more about vitamin D and sunlight.

Vitamin D is also found in a small number of foods.

Sources include:

* oily fish – such as salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel
* red meat
* liver
* egg yolks
* fortified foods – such as most fat spreads and some breakfast cereals

Another source of vitamin D is dietary supplements.

In the UK, cows’ milk is generally not a good source of Vitamin D because it isn’t fortified, as it is in some other countries.

The fortified bit is interesting – seemingly by chance, that’s what I’ve swung over to some time back, not for any Cv or even Vitamin D reason, which IMHO adds weight to the guardian angel theory.

Plus I was speaking with a builder friend as to why he does not have it and he was quick to say get outside, get some sun.  What sun?  Never mind, there’ll be more now, plus staying active is indicated – all things which ordinarily help, not forgetting a good diet.

I’d say don’t stay in your house/flat, go outside into the yard, stay homebound but moving about, then take short, fast trips into the food source place, maybe once a week.

3.  Stop worrying – hence the humorous memes.  Now, you may well be a sanguine personality type, cynical, dour, in which case you’re not the worrying kind, or you’re a Christian [a real one] and the message for the latter is as clear as day – put your trust in the Lord and the second part – que sera sera, provided you did go to the ant and observed his ways, then did a certain amount of prepping so you could relax more.

In purely psychological terms, it certainly cuts stress and stress is a recognised condition or contributor to all sorts of conditions.

Incompetence versus malice

I’m sorry but as EU Referendum touches on:

Though I’m not in that demographic [yet], can you imagine any worse piece of advice, given the advice in this post – old people thrive on nattering with others, also the Vitamin D, exercise, the whole thing – talk about contra-indicated.

I’d say whatever you do – do not stay in a chair or in bed, stay active, well fed and hydrated, talk to people, get outside [within your perimeter], have projects and chores you never quite get on top of. You know – life as usual, minus the wider travelling about.

The political side of it from Johnson is so bleedin’ obvious to see through:

1. Which generation, that which Millennials and post-Millennials are now trained to vilify with their ‘yes boomer’ idiocy, along with late Gen X who hate that generation anyway, plus govt of course – which generation[s] would you say they want off the pension books so they can give the money to invaders?

2. Which generation[s] have the type of incendiary, subversive and sane views many of you have?  Which generation[s], if you wiped them out, would, in the process, also wipe out most still-committed Christians in one fell swoop – target groups who are subversive to the Woke hegemony and religion?  Who are the free radicals today?

Therefore, whom do Them want isolated and depopulated first, and quickly please?

By all means self-isolate, it’s only sensible, and stay away from anything official.

One penultimate thing

What is the ultimate aim, after the old are wiped out? Clearly to reduce the others to cattle:

Far easier to control when dehumanised, as in pre-WW2 Germany.

The baton of the free radical resistance then passes to the more difficult among the young.

One last thing

Of course we would say, a la Mandy Rice-Davies, that’s it’s far better to listen to this type of person:

… and stay calm, with lower blood pressure, than the route those bstds want us to take. Can’t think of better advice at this stage.

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  1. Mona
    March 15, 2020 at 9:51 am

    I know, how about George Soros is behind this Corona crap, look at all the loo rolls being sold, he knows how make money and frighten people.

  2. Valentine Gray
    March 15, 2020 at 1:25 pm

    I don’t give a toss about the Corona virus, LGBTQ or any other distraction just fix those bleeding Potholes.

    • Valentine Gray
      March 15, 2020 at 4:06 pm

      Just watched George Carlin on PJ Media “You’re All Diseased”, got it right 20 years ago. Great Man.

  3. March 15, 2020 at 4:52 pm

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