A most interesting few months coming up

This morning at my personal site I’m running some explanations, scenarios and possible causes sent to me over the past two days – some of the ideas I can see as being so, some – who knows?

Selenium and heat was mentioned as bolstering the body’s defences, the political scenarios are more problematic.

Many moons ago, I ran a post which had been at Unz, which characterised the power blocs in the US as a triangle, and the Donald was adopted by the military apex, wresting power from the other two. Interesting model.

In the light of the Q commentary later this morning, it does seem a possibility and may throw light on Rand Paul’s and Matt Gaetz’s recent actions in the house.

The last thing I want, as a Deplorable, is for the DemRats to get in and yet I look down the track, assuming the crims are all charged and/or remanded, including Clinton, and ask what then?

I’d say Cv will disappear, a fair few of the old will have died off and we’re in a brave new world – perhaps the Fed will no longer be able to pull the plug, followed by the Central Banks of Europe, perhaps the power will have shifted against the ridiculous Worldwide Woke hegemony.  Perhaps the outrageous Wokeness was to harden us, the Deplorable middle, so that we’ll accept certain draconian moves, such as fast-tracked trials, who knows?

Either way, there does seem a split between how Johnson is going about it and the Donald.  Johnson is the more obvious – the over 70s house arrests for four months are interesting, his policies are anything but conservative, as was the budget.  He is showing all the signs of ‘statesmanship’, meaning potential autocracy.

This puts libertarians and classical liberals in an invidious position.  Many of us see individual freedom, curbed by the Rule of Law and with statutory constraints, as the way to go, protection of people, of families and while we certainly don’t buy Momentum and Antifa style socialism with politburos and all that, I for one am watching Boris closely, because he is showing all the signs as mentioned – vanity projects are also a surefire sign.

All we can do is prepare as best we can without panicking and as Q said in James Bond – have an escape route ready.

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  1. Valentine Gray
    March 17, 2020 at 7:50 am

    New word for you, PANICDEMIC, new meaning, Self-isolate, –“having a tom tit”.
    Sweet Greta is getting her way. Another Vaccine please to to totally destroy the IQ

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