Wokeness and diversity endanger passengers’ lives

Perfect example of the trouble starting at the recruitment stage.

On a commercial airliner, there used to be flight crew, then stewards, then stewardesses.  They all did their jobs, there was no need for anyone else onboard.

Today is different because of the open slather open borders, plus rapid procreation once here. Also a breakdown in culture, values, education, decency from birth, lack of parenting.

Thus there are three main groups out of and coming back to Britain that airlines must watch out for and the prime targets for aggravation are the stewardesses.

The three groups least likely to respect women are Muslims, blacks and chavs – their cultures simply do not include treating women as ladies. Therefore, whoever booked them onto the flight – known Muslims, blacks or chavs, male, between the ages of 15 and 45 – is at fault.

That’s the second error.  The first error was recruiting middle-management which is both Woke and useless.

This is a litigious, Common Purpose workplace now – Plod or aviation authorities would be onto an airline which did the right thing by passenger safety quicker than a black passenger can spit at a woman.

On every plane should be men of sufficient physicality – stewards, not passengers, who could handle such a passenger as this one:

Shocking moment aggressive passenger hits a female flight attendant in the face after she slapped him for screaming and spitting at her

That’s the next error – not having beefy boy stewards onboard – just a couple each flight.  However, no airline would employ a real man because the female supervisor would not be able to throw her lard around – HR types do not like real men.

The next error is – what on earth is a female HR type ‘supervisor’ even doing on that plane?  Where’s the chief steward?  Obviously they don’t exist anymore – only wimpy yes boys.

So this bint is the head honcho, the Big Kahuna it seems – at least she thinks she is.  And as you see in the footage, she is completely unable to control the situation and puts herself in grave danger while pretending to be the ‘boss’ of the plane, who is actually the captain.

And as mentioned above, anyone from those three demographic groups of a confrontational bent will go straight through both her and the nancy boys – you’ll notice it was a passenger who brought him down.

There are a dozen good reasons not to fly today, before we even get to this one and clearly, airlines have not learnt from the trains.  Some years back, I came home from work on Saturdays at chav hour and there were ‘enforcement officers’, always three, who went up and down the train – they were beefy boys, no females and they were indigenous [Anglo-Saxon or Celt]. Main target demographic was the football chav.  I used to talk to these boys, the officers, and they were sound – I’d like to have seen someone try it on with them.

Back to this plane – who the hell is that HR type?  Just look at her, red rag to a black who’s in spitting and punching mood.  Those HR types are provocative just by being there – look at her wagging her finger – if there was a beefy instead, given to speaking calmly but firmly – they call them bouncers at nightclubs – then I’d venture to say the result would have been different.

Now for the other passengers on that plane.  That airline had placed them in an invidious position, the staff were not up to it, there was clear danger the moment any of those three demographics known for violence were present on the plane.

And for what?  For bleedin’ Wokeness and Diversity, nothing else.


Oh, what was that photo top left all about?  Just look at the shoplifter.  Q.E.D.

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  1. March 18, 2020 at 12:38 am

    All that you say is without doubt correct and reasonable, even the use for big beefy (and sane) men, but the physical altercation there was initiated by the woman, who, regardless of her ‘woke’ position, behaved like a Woman, who thinks she can hit a man in the face with no retaliation. The man retaliated. That’s ‘eeekwaletee’.

    Well he wasn’t raised in a society that renders men useless in a disagreement with a woman, was he?. That’s cultural equality for you. All hail diversity, inclusion and tolerance.

    The unwritted, unspoken ‘rule’ in physical confrontation is if you have to hit someone, put him down and in such a manner that he cannot get up again. The physical is the last resort.

    The confines of an airline cabin make that more difficult. Nevertheless…..

    Cabin stewards wearing ‘elf n safety latex gloves do not inspite confidence.

    • March 19, 2020 at 5:47 am


    • March 21, 2020 at 5:22 pm

      Spot on! Tim Newman wrote a lot on the phenomenon of ‘I am a woman, you daren’t strike back!’ that seems to be getting them in all sorts of scrapes…

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