The Coronavirus Bill and treason

Treason is a capital offence in the States:

Over here, Blair pushed through the safety act for himself and other traitors to the country so that he could not be hanged:

In Major’s, Blair’s, Brown’s, Cameron’s, May’s and Johnson’s cases, it’s difficult to pin direct treason on them – the wording was too clever – but in the States, it’s an open and shut case:

There are some anomalies though and they’re gone into more below but they include why Barr makes no move on these people. And another thing – why is the Donald getting up and saying what terrible people, which is fair … but then he does nothing?  Just like Lindsey Graham.

Come to think of it, perhaps it’s not so clearcut as I thought – look through this one and see if you agree or disagree that Obama was treasonable in this move to pause funding on studies on viruses [click on screenshot and keep clicking until it embiggens, h/t Pollie]:

Coming back over here, this features a tweet by Robert Peston, so let’s look at him first:

It is called Common Purpose and prominent supporters include BBC business editor Robert Peston, Assistant Deputy Commissioner Cressida Dick of the Metropolitan Police and numerous top public sector officials. It’s a not-for-profit organisation which organises training and networking events for high-fliers.” 

Peston is a placeman, himself leading opinion [?] on behalf of his masters. So let’s look at this [click screenshot for the govt bill itself]:

Govt is not your friend and even if it’s Peston saying it – fearing encroachment on his own game – it does need looking at.  Anyone calling him or herself small c conservative, libertarian, classical liberal, really does need to go through this and determine which bits need kicking up a fuss over.

Moving on, references to eschatology do not go down well with most readers, I’m well aware of that, but I state only that which is relevant at the time … and it’s quite relevant at this time.

A society which confines its elderly to house arrest for months in order to kill them off, which prostitutes its children from birth, gives them drag shows at libraries and allows them sex and drugs before puberty without batting an eyelid, when politicians can bring in abortion for those just born, let alone full term babies and it’s embraced by half of society – then unless you’re one of the demoralised, as Yuri Bezmenov pointed out in the 80s, you’re going to be at least mildly alarmed.

Dismaying over here is the triumph, seen in every second tweet by those who’d say they’re Conservative Party voters [dry] to endorse everything this One Nation, Uniparty [wet – see budget] PM wants – and only doing that because they can’t see past Corbyn and Momentum – it’s really … well … dismaying.

Even the Donald needs to be held to account – if the MSM refuses to do its job, then social media pundits must.

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  1. john in cheshire
    March 18, 2020 at 6:26 pm

    James, the Bible and eschatology need to be mentioned by more people more often.
    It’s the only book in the world that speaks the truth and warns us what we can expect if we don’t accept it as God’s word, if we don’t accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God and if we don’t do what He tells us to do.

    People can only be warned but once they know, they will have no excuse before God, when their time comes to explain themselves to Him.

    • Ed P
      March 18, 2020 at 7:29 pm

      Your cognitive dissonance is truly astounding. The measures now being taken to fight this virus are very late but necessary, so some, hopefully temporary, loss of freedoms is inevitable.
      Perhaps you think it came from your God to test your Christian faith? If so, try to explain logically why it’s infecting non-Christians equally.

  2. March 19, 2020 at 11:08 am

    Whose cognitive dissonance?

    • Ed P
      March 19, 2020 at 5:25 pm

      Well, it was John in Cheshire’s comment to which I was referring. This is not the time to descend into faith-based straw-clutching, when rational scientific research and logical actions are needed.

      • March 20, 2020 at 1:46 am

        This is very much the time to wake up and smell the coffee, not to be so blinded by one’s own religion, e.g. Scientism, based on so much which is debunkable, that one can’t see the big picture.

        We’ve certainly reached a crisis of faith in that the State is going all out to be Big Daddy, the replacement god and in so doing, it’s throwing out the very things which protected even you. This is what I can’t get through to hardwired fanatics who use language like ‘rational scientific research and logical actions’ without knowing what the hell that actually means.

        Whose? The NPCC? The Global Fund for immunology against viruses which continue against all the vaccines? I call BS on so-called Scientism which sees anything tricked out as Science as god. The whole basis of science with a small s is that almost anything believed now can be overtaken by further knowledge but that some eternal verities do exist, plus there’s a hell of a lot we do not know at all.

        What I call for is what I always have – take all evidence from all sources, even those you might not like and table the lot of it, then step back and see what we have. An example of this is a post coming up in half an hour on the problems with the Cv narrative from our own deplorable side. Won’t be popular but it needs to be said.

        The essential problem with fanatics on both sides of this temporal versus metaphysical head clashing was put nicely by Sir Norman Anderson in Lawyer Among Theologians, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1973, p15, about the quality of criticism of the anti-Christian so-called intellectuals:

        “At times [I am] astonished by the way in which they handle their evidence, by the presuppositions and a priori convictions with which some of them clearly (and even, on occasion, on their own admission) approach the documents concerned, and by the positively staggering assurance with which they make categorical pronouncements on points which are, on any showing, open to question, and on which equally competent colleagues take a diametrically opposite view.”

        The logical, the scientific method is not to look at a whole body of study and just say well let’s dismiss that straight away, now let’s go from there. That is precisely what the press did today in asking leading questions at the WH presser, based on Woke, elite narrative. There are two entirely different realities going on, mutually exclusive, when the truth has elements of both.

        And that is not cognitive dissonance, it’s recognising that there are anomalies which need accounting for.

      • March 20, 2020 at 3:12 pm

        “”This is not the time to descend into faith-based straw-clutching, when rational scientific research and logical actions are needed.””

        Hmmmm. The ‘Straw clutching’ term dismisses an entire body of ‘research’ and hard-found knowledge developed over several thousand years. The study of what has been written, written about and said by eminent people from long ago should feature in the considerations leading to the development of ‘logical action’. Otherwise what you get is prejudice. ie Judging before considering ALL the relevant issues.

        ‘Faith-based’ too is dismissive. Scientific practice is faith based: faith in the scientific method; faith in the motives, integrity and writings of ‘scientists’, some of very long ago too.

        If by ‘Faith-based’ one means Christian Faith, we have to look at the positive results of that Christian Faith. It has underpinned western civilisation. Dismissing it because of the many ‘poor’ outcomes is as illogical as dismissing scientific experiment because of the null hypothoses being so often shown to be valid.

        If it is meant to imply the dismissal of the ‘prophetic’, again be very careful. Just because you cannot read is no reason to disbelieve the reality of a sign at the edge of a cliff telling of ‘danger if you proceed beyond this point’. Similarly dismissing the sign because you have no faith that there was even a bureaucrat pencilneck instructing a sign-painter, will not change the danger of which the sign tells.

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