“Sorry Council Ratepayers, Our Snouts Are Far Too Deep In The Trough To Pull Out Now…!”

We are all (and quite rightly) excoriating price gougers during these trying times. But at least we can simply stop buying from them.

Not the case with these bastards, though:

A planned four per cent council tax increase will continue despite service cuts due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Brighton and Hove City Council announced this week its bin collection service would be scaled back due to the pandemic.

But a spokeswoman confirmed the council will press ahead with the planned tax hike as the alternative would be costly.

Since when did councils care, when they can simply raid the Bank of the Taxpayer for all eternity?

“To change the council tax would mean a major rebilling exercise at a time when staff resources are focused on supporting businesses and vulnerable people.

“It would also be costly. Rebilling is estimated to cost more than £300,000.

“The increase in the council tax, including the adult social care precept, is also critical to fund essential services for vulnerable people such as those needing social care support. This is expected to increase during the current crisis.”

Translation: “We’re going to splash out on refugees and the drug addicts, while your Auntie Vera waits in vain for a home visit, and there’s nothing you can do about it, serf…”

4 comments for ““Sorry Council Ratepayers, Our Snouts Are Far Too Deep In The Trough To Pull Out Now…!”

  1. john in cheshire
    March 25, 2020 at 11:09 am

    Yes, the councils are out of control. My council increase is 3.5% and the police precept is going up by 5%.

    The question is how do we stop them because they seem to be accountable to no one.

  2. March 27, 2020 at 1:58 am

    Hold the Councillors (and senior staff) to account. There is a fine, wide wall behind the pub.

  3. SteveA
    March 27, 2020 at 1:16 pm

    Here in Swindon we have to pay extra to have your garden waste collected, to be paid up front before April 4th, so we have just paid for 20/21. Yesterday I had a mail saying they were cancelling the collections until further notice, no refunds given but they would reduce the charge in 21/22. So a service cancelled in 19/20 now waiting for 13 months to see if I recieve my money back
    How do they get away with it.

  4. Penseivat
    March 28, 2020 at 10:47 am

    Tell them you’re going to pave over your garden and, as you won’t have any grass to collect, request a refund.
    Once you’ve got it, and they ask why you haven’t paved it over, tell them you changed your mind.

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