Who first thought loo roll was a great panic to start?

We’re back to the same old same old with all that’s happening out there and as before, the old dilemma of is it coincidence or is it malice, to which we can now add – was it malice which huge numbers of people either enthusiastically took up or auto-denied – well, look at it this way:

Whoever is in which camp is pitted against, at loggerheads with, trolling, those in the other camp.  If this is not madness, then what is? A perfect example is Lauch and Burx, the two so-called experts and if you look at Polly on youtube, she sheets home their antecedents but of course, not many overall are taking up that point – not in an election year.

But do look at the playbook, Boris did exactly the same – the betes noires were Corbyn, Momentum, the SNP, the loony Greens and across the pond – Pelosi, Schumer et al.

The question I asked at nourishing obscurity was just who started the loo roll panic of 2020?  I don’t mean it was the virus but someone, some person with a name, started this panic off.  Someone fed the news of dwindling supplies and that there was a panic to people … resulting in a panic.

And not just in the US or UK but worldwide.  Ditto with the virus – just look at this one:

That’s in coastal Victoria, many thousands of miles away downunder.  Same language, same social distancing, same everything – verbatim.

Clearly the media is doing it but who exactly is it who’s feeding the media?  Who decided now is the time we’ll start panicking?  Why was there an Event 201 in October, sponsored by John Hopkins University and Gates?  To be followed fairly soon afterwards, in global terms, by the pandemic?

For those in the ‘natural cycles, swings and roundabouts’ camp, yes, it may well die away in weeks – there was produce in the supermarket yesterday with restrictions largely lifted – but do you really think it will be left at that while such juicy curtailments of freedom just cry out to be enforced?

And what do you say about the person I oft quote – Svali – who outlined in 2000 on Centrex News in Toronto that ‘an Event’ would happen in 2020 which would lead to the resetting, restructuring of western society, arising from the great crash? Outlined in detail.  Which great crash?  Who knows?  The one coming up?  Two trillion dollar ‘rescue’ in the States?  Great for the economy.

Even if you move to a more rational position than standing neck deep in that river in Africa, there is still the question put at the beginning of this post – who is doing this thing?  Some instantly say Cabal.  OK, who are they?  The banksters?  Royalty? A hidden bunch of Semites whom Corbyn hates?  When his own mates are a bunch of murderers, even before looking at his beloved Antifa, XR and Momentum?

The sad part

Yesterday, I took a car to the far side of town where there is a supermarket which seemed to be doing things rationally but even they were in panic mode, with a long queue stretching some 200 yards.

On the way back, I spoke to the young man about these queues and all the rest of it.  He started going off, as people in a Labour area do, about the Tories and when I said it wasn’t just them, it was also Labour, LibDems, Greens – they are the Uniparty, he was sceptical.

I asked if he knew of Momentum – nope.  Common Purpose?  Nope.  How about George Soros?  Nope.  How about Antifa?  Yes, he’d heard of them. How about the climate extinction terrorists who dug up that lawn in Cambridge and Plod did nothing?

Well, I’m not that into politics, he said, I stick to what I know.

Fine said I, but what if whoever they are are hoping your attitude will be just that so that they can proceed unimpeded [that was said in cabby-speak]?

He was silent, then said that he appreciated me telling him that.


Yep, it’s a welcome break from this Cv – all I ever get all day is about this effing [actually delivered in cabby-speak] virus.

And, ladies and gentlemen, there it is – people who have the vote.  Not being snooty, not suggesting that they do not have the vote but equally, how can this vicious circle of the people being played like a violin be broken?

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  1. john in cheshire
    March 28, 2020 at 3:29 pm

    James, you might find this interesting. It’s about things we are already aware of but it’s appropriate to be reminded of just who is doing all this to us. And there’s some new information, for me at least, on the genealogy of Mr Gates.

    The video is about 17 minutes long.


    • March 28, 2020 at 6:03 pm

      Ta, shall look.

    • Distant Relative
      March 29, 2020 at 9:25 am

      Same bloodline as QE2 and the Rockefellers . Pal of Epstein.
      That figures.

  2. Distant Relative
    March 30, 2020 at 8:37 pm

    Gates is WHO’s biggest donor so it should come as no surprise this guy Adhanom is its head. Birds of a feather.

    “WHO’s Tedros Adhanom Should be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity” [13 mins]

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