The PM’s situation ups the ante


I just deleted a post which was scheduled because it outlined the incompetence within two nations and it doesn’t help any at this time. Boris in intensive care – scamming? Who knows, suspect not.

… his condition described as “worsened” since he was admitted to hospital …

Since. Hmmmmmmm.

Three week incubation. I felt something outside a few days back to the throat, no other signs or symptoms at this moment.

One medic pointed out that when people are refused treatment for other conditions, those suddenly go down too:

There’s that hypothesis going round at the moment for some form of radiation or electro or whatever you like to call it – light maybe – but I know how I felt at the time, unable to even approach a computing device, fine just now. 5G was brought into it.

Just feel it’s quite premature to laugh things like that to scorn, just file it, table it, reject it later.

Some drugs seem to be showing signs of working. Saw something about an antidote stolen from Canada. Has definitely been deliberate experimentation by somebody. Who?

Those two clowns involved with Pence and Gates in the global fund – why can the Donald not see what so many online can now see about them? Maybe they have him hemmed in. Whatever the main game is, the players seem to be in full swing right now.

This below seems left field, adorned with emojis, hardly a serious statement, yet it might be close to it – see Polly on Pence, Faust, Byrx, Gates:

More comprehensively:

Nice summary here by Sackers.