New Labour, Old Issues…

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, MP for Brighton Kemptown, posted an unredacted version of a Labour report in a private Facebook group for local party members.

The 860-page report is alleged to contain confidential details of complainants of anti-Semitism, including those of minors.

That’s the newly-promoted shadow Environment minister.

Nice job, Kier! You’ll really stand a chance of taking on the Tories with this dream team!

The newly promoted shadow environment minister said: “The link to the report I posted had already been posted in that Labour Facebook group and it was deleted when I was made aware it contained the information.

“People who are screenshotting this post and sharing it are doing so to muddy the waters on the actual salient issues.”

You’d think a former lawyer would vet his staff more closely, wouldn’t you? Including making sure they know the laws on data protection…