The empty executive order

… which disguises the real intent of the various packages.

If new posts from Churchmouse and myself seem to be more US-centric of late, it’s because over here, nothing is openly happening which we haven’t covered – dancing nurses without patients in hospitals, Starmer pretending he’s a leader, people arrested in parks while Johnson allows migrants to flood in unabated …

Plus he seems to give no response to any of it, well aware of what he’s doing. Now there’s talk of extending the Brexit delay and though he says no, that’s words in April. Hopefully the EU will have imploded by then but don’t hold your breath. Plus it’s not Brexit anyway, it’s Withdrawal Agreement 2,about backstops, HS2 and bridges to Ireland.

The main reason though is that there is so much coming out on social media from the States, good copy, hard data, whereas here the PTB seem to be able to conceal it much better. Why has Priti Patel done nothing to stem rampant invasion? Why? She was all talk weeks ago.

Mandarins, lobby groups of a powerful nature. We have to have the fruit pickers, yes?

No! And it comes out in Tucker Carlson’s latest over there – if you can’t access it, pity, because it gets right to the nub of the situation on both sides of the pond.  I’ll explain after it:

If you can’t read the print above, the MSM headlines trumpeted – Trump stops ALL immigration temporarily, in my book a good thing, but of course not the press’s.

What happened though is someone got to Trump in the interim and watered down his proposed Executive Order here, watered it down there, to the point that what he actually signed was a damp squib.

As Tucker Carlson explains, 22 million lost their jobs in the US as a result of Cv, there were measures to help them.  One was in the original EO, suspending several guest worker programmes on H1B visas, not for people picking grapes but for qualified workers in high positions.

H2B visas for non-ag guest workers were also to be suspended.  Nothing whatever to do with picking crops.  The final version of the order, signed hours ago, does not prevent ANY foreign workers at all.

So, what does the EO do?  It affects less than 10% of applicants, resulting mainly in delays.  How did this bowdlerisation of the EO happen?

It happened because people like the Apple boss would be offended and that is big money to the GOP.  Enter the mandarins saying that suspending these programmes would not get Americans working again because they’re too well off now under the stimulus provisions.

Look carefully at what that means – Americans on the govt. teat forever, real jobs for foreigners.  That is one of the major planks of the socialist agenda which is right there in plain sight for all with eyes.

Because govt. teat means control of one’s nationals, plus of the foreigners who are on visas.

Across the pond here, in they come from the Continent while the indigenous here sit on their backsides long after the Cv lockdown ends, spend their time in parks, at the beach or in front of the tele.

Some years back, I was speaking with a couple of local employers who said they would much prefer to employ foreigners because the locals were lazy and disputatious.

Look at what the schools are churning out here now, look at the young world culture – who would want to employ them, let’s be honest?

So how to turn this around?  Major task just to reverse Them’s agenda because it’s global. Even could that be done, an entire generation and in fact anyone since the Boomers is not exactly top drawer.  A friend of mine says progress stopped late 90s.  How to return to the three Rs in schools and stop all this tranny and drug education at five?  It’s going to require an enormous clearout of those who appoint teachers, for a start, in all fields of work.

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  1. Valentine Gray
    April 23, 2020 at 9:37 am

    How about the Tommy Robinson judgement? and the State fear of eventual rebellion.
    Where are all the sick Supermarket workers after being exposed to thousands of shoppers. The 4000 bed Nightingale Hospital were given 19 patients over the weekend who could easily been sent elsewhere, official excuse “not enough staff” real reason not enough patients. Covid 19 Derangement-Syndrome causing nurses to work on Dance routines and excessive clapping. New Government medical advice buy Vitamin D but avoid Sunshine at at all costs. Only policemen can be exposed to sunlight, they must remain healthy to fight the lawbreakers trying to get some fresh air.

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