Let’s come back to Polly’s latest video, quite a shocker and one particular aspect, apart from the sickness she outlined.  Well actually, part of it but not the gruesome bits.

Before getting onto that, an interesting snippet about Hanks, who has come up in dispatches many times of late as one of the adrenochrome elite [posts passim and around the web, also see Pollyvids].

And let’s go back further to the year 2000 and this is lifted from the radio interview with Svali, mind-control perp from the 80s:

Q: But with the evidence out there, why aren’t more people concerned …?

A: Because they simply can’t, won’t believe that this is happening. I am a strong Christian, and in Revelations, it says that right before the return of Jesus, people will be acting as if nothing has happened, that all is normal, in spite of evidence to the contrary.

You could show people a video taken of a ritual, and they would declare: “it has to be a fake; people just don’t do those things.” You can show them a site with pentagrams, buried bones, and other evidence, and they would say, “Oh, that is just teenagers playing around”.

You can show them photos of underground tunnels near Los Alamos, and they will say, “Isn’t that interesting. Must be some government project.” They can be shown the scars on a survivor’s body, from cigarette burns in childhood, and old lash marks that have healed on their back, and the question would be “are you sure it wasn’t self inflicted?”

The evidence is there, but in my opinion, the average person does not WANT to know, and even when confronted with it, will look the other way. The Franklin case is a point. How much evidence has come out? Or the MK-Ultra documents that have been declassified, shown as real, and people still ignore it.

But I believe that the media that downplays ritual abuse is feeding into a deep need in the average person to NOT know the reality. In fact, how can a person face the fact of great evil in mankind, unless they have either a strong faith in God, or are faced with insurmountable evidence? We as human beings want to believe the BEST of our race, not the worst.

Think back to my early blogging and the damage it did to me even mentioning Svali … and yet she is simply being vindicated by what is coming out now in 2019/20 and it’s not creampuff stuff, it’s very sick depravity. You doubt it? Go back to the Pizzagate link in the sidebar, scroll down to the Podesta bit and look at that ‘art’ work.

What’s worse, it’s now coming into plain sight – could you see Gates’s MS ads including spirit cooking around about the time of Windows 7?

Now, at last, let’s get to this word ‘wholesome’:

As Polly points out there, the author follows the playbook – redefine and cast ‘evangelical’ as a pejorative, helped of course by the takeover of the churches being just that – not fit for purpose in any sense, then after speaking of the ‘modern idea’ of wholesomeness being kind, diverse, not judging simple pleasures, she then attacks the old values of wholesomeness as ‘regressive nostalgia for the 1950s’, a ‘stale signifier of evangelical morality’.

Just look at that ‘not judging simple pleasures’.  Oh yes, and what sorts of pleasures would be judged or attacked by Christians?  Fairly obvious, are they not, including the simple pleasures of Muslims plus councils plus Plod in Rotherham.

Again – who needs snuffing out, according to her?  Christians and the alt-right.  And why, pray, would that be?

Polly mentions that what the left such as her masters have done is manage to redefine language, redefine words so that those connected to saving society are now pejorative in the eyes of the unthinking, while Woke is the new Good.

‘They associate [target] words with things that people are already trained to dislike.’

And the cumulative effect, the aggregate effect over time is no less than brainwashing.  This section is either side of 11:28 in the video.

How old is this agenda?  Well Yuri Bezmenov referred to the inability any longer to reason for oneself based on observation and evidence, all is narrative.

But we can go back even further than that:

May 1, 1776 – Adam Weishaupt (code named Spartacus) establishes a secret society called the Order of the Illuminati. Weishaupt is the Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, part of Germany. [This date, May Day, is to become highly significant to the Soviet Communists. They held festive military parades on this day.] The Illuminati seek to establish a New World Order. Their objectives are as follows:
1) Abolition of all ordered governments
2) Abolition of private property
3) Abolition of inheritance
4) Abolition of patriotism
5) Abolition of the family
6) Abolition of religion
7) Creation of a world government

Polly pointed out that these are strange bedfellows now – Christians and the alt-right – both vilified, both attacked, both intended to be snuffed out and no one is trying to help prevent the last voices in the wilderness.  Everyone else has already been at least partly brainwashed, even on this side of politics.

There it is – I always wondered how they would go about it in such a way that no major backlash occurred, that targetted groups would just go off to the gas chambers and no one would bat an eyelid.

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  1. Valentine Gray
    April 26, 2020 at 8:42 am

    Thank you Polly but it is a beautiful sunny morning, and my brain is never in lockdown nor my body, it’s Mr rebel today, I’m going for a long bike ride, Vitamin D collecting, and some bird watching so see you tonight Polly. O yes just taken my Chlorine dioxide disinfectant its great.

  2. john in cheshire
    April 26, 2020 at 12:50 pm

    I’ve watched several of this person’s videos, surprisingly on YouTube. I know nothing about him or her but they seem to have put some effort into producing them.

    This one reveals some of the disgusting behaviour of the creatures who passed themselves as being human:


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