Poorly trained medics?

Two reports from NYC give pause to contemplate:

First is an interview with a doctor who observed how patients were sent straight to ventilator:


Second is an interview with a nurse in the same situation, she reports dereliction, measures which are what the doctor above advised not to do. Just as with the leftist crisis actors, this could be a crisis actor but seems to accord with what is coming out, your call:

The question I asked in the heading was – poorly trained medics? If, as the doctor says, there are certain treatments well known in medicine, why then were these ignored?

And the answer is that hospitals were following whatever was fed to the database under ‘Evidence Based Medicine’:


And where do those ‘best practice’ recommendations come from? From WHO.

Let’s just imagine that there is an Event 201 conference held at John Hopkins:

… under the auspices of WHO and Bill Gates, in October 2019:

Let’s further imagine that certain recommendations come out of this, adopted by WHO.

These become the orthodoxy in treatment of all manner of illnesses … but particularly, of Cv … according to the EBM guide on NHS intranet.

Now let’s say an actress loses her father because his previously treatable illness suddenly causes him to die under a ventilator. She goes online and wails that he believed in Donald Trump and now look what Trump has done to him.

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  1. john cheshire
    May 2, 2020 at 12:34 pm

    James, this video is quite revealing. Dr Judy Mikovits is included in the panel discussion about vaccines and the fraud and more, involving people such as Mr Anthony Fauci.


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