Trust us

You can believe every word:

Let’s start with Me_Here:

I did see it but here it is again. Major takeaway is that we cannot believe any stats. Also, let’s do some ‘just becauses’:

Just because …

1. We’re being treated as mushrooms, doesn’t mean there are no correct stats at all;
2. People have their own angles, doesn’t mean that much of their points are not correct;
3. Two angles seem opposed, they might just be oblique and both could be largely true;
4. Someone comes in blazing and pontificating, doesn’t mean he’s right, plus the converse – the most reasonable person can still be wrong;
5. You don’t like a source, doesn’t mean there isn’t at least some value in there, even on CNN or the NYT.

On the basis of the last one, I’ve done my best to keep away from Gatestone, the Israeli security forces site but if they have stats, then lets see them.

  • “For a long time, Sörmlands Media has tried to get information from all the county’s municipalities on how the spread of infection in elderly care looks, how extensive it is and where it is located. The municipalities have replied that they lack knowledge about the extent of the spread of infection and have said that it is also not possible to find out. — Maria Lapenkova, Svt nyheter, May 2, 2020.
  • Sörmland Media’s review, however, shows that the information is not correct and that the municipalities actively concealed the information… Some municipalities have also failed to report the number of infected persons to the National Board of Health and Welfare’s national reporting tool for orders for protective clothing. — Svt nyheter, May 2, 2020.
  • As of May 6, Sweden, which has a population of 10.18 million people, had 2,854 deaths, which corresponds to 280.27 deaths per million people. In comparison, the other countries of the Nordic region, Denmark, Norway and Finland, which all went on lockdown, had 503, 215 and 246 deaths respectively, corresponding to 86.76, 40.46 and 44.58 deaths per 1 million people, respectively.

My takeaway is that whatever this thing is – virus, catalyst for other conditions, whatever, however you wish to label it – deaths are occurring. Dave Greenfield of the Stranglers maybe had all sorts of conditions – what with their lifestyle – but it was listed as ‘from’ Covid 19.

Against that:

Meanwhile, our govt and its propaganda arm have not the slightest clue:

Is it hitting the Bible Belt harder:

Are blacks more susceptible and if so, is it also the case with Arabs and Pakistanis?  Or are they free from the virus?

On a personal level

I’m keeping my visits out to a minimum, being a prime target of Cv if it exists, but went out this morning for food and firstly, there was a man in the courtyard who may be the one in this complex we know has Cv.  Then, in the shop, a woman came in – no mask, coughing and much of it going over the food.

I did the Pontius Pilate once I got back but this would have come through the nose.  We’ll soon find out.  You can bamboozle me with stats about it not existing but I still did not like that this morning.

The politics

Hancock and Co. are pushing this tracking thing, plus only being allowed out with an Immunity Certificate.  To get that, you have to attend a hotbed of disease.

I don’t think this thing, whatever it is, is over by a long shot.