When they’re ready, they’ll make the moves

Taking the UK in isolation from the other major players on the world scene does skew the picture. Boris may well, as a personal ego ridden matter of course, oppose anything the Donald comes up with, he’s in thrall to Whitehall, the deep state, the European Black Nobility and the Muslims, to the mega-money, plus he’s a One Nation Unipartyist … so one expects nothing from him but platitudes and exhortations to ‘let’s all pull together, chaps’.


And the govt response?

They’re just going to talk about it, aren’t they, fill in the time, and talk, and talk, and talk.  This below is a reasonable response if one still vaguely thinks Boris is remotely interested in Brexit – if he were, he’d have stopped the Dutch trawlers and the constant invasion, let alone the way the police are frightened little rabbits whenever a Muslim approaches.

But you know – let’s all pull together, chaps.

All very learned but it bears no relation to Johnson’s actual policies which saw the majority of the voting public put him back in power, hoping against experience – nothing to do with Brexit or the strength of the economy.

That was another learned piece, as if the political landscape has anything to do with those things.  The plug will be pulled when his European masters are ready, via the banks first, preceded by mass business failures … and America may well set it off.

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1 comment for “When they’re ready, they’ll make the moves

  1. Valentine Gray
    May 9, 2020 at 12:00 pm

    On my kitchen wall there is a picture of the statue of “Tommy” a World War 1 soldier at Seaham, seated but slouched over, his right arm supported by his rifle, there are three young boys staring up at his face, on the picture are the words that the soldier may have said to the boys. “SORRY KIDS SEEMS LIKE WE DID IT ALL FOR NOTHING”. I am so disgusted at the state of our Country..

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