Big tech censorship and trusted sources

These two clips below throw into sharp relief the problem today’s Samizdat has – of getting the message out. Strangely, the Cv lockdown has helped, not hindered, by the ridiculous overkill of the authorities.

You see, we can’t just blame Cressida Dick and Common Purpose for the Italian situation, for example – yesterday most of us saw the scarecrow on the Italian beach, supposedly fishing, three police approach to effect an arrest.  It was a laugh.

Less of a laugh were six or seven officers – can’t recall which western nation – arresting a mother and they tear her child away from her whilst onlookers say the appropriate things to Plod.  So it’s not just the UK, is it?

And Johnson’s utter failure to stem illegal immigration by boat and even Brits happily flying in and not even tested for Cv.  It’s woken the public up, which is the first step.

Some of us though, meaning the non-MSM pundits around the world, plus readers, have been at this a long, long time, have been sending out the Samizdat, not the Cv, and it’s only now, in this induced crisis, that the PTB have let the cat out of the bag for their own purposes – there’s a Brave New World starting this year, in their eyes, they clearly feel the time is right to drop the artifice.

Thus we can finally post the truth and I’m cynical enough to understand that if they are allowing this now, they must feel pretty sure of themselves by May – you probably saw the ‘warnings’ by the BofE, on cue.  Thus all the posting of this is going to do is either reinforce the standing neck deep in that river in Egypt … or it will dismay those who actually have woken up.

So the pundits have to ask themselves certain questions.

Laura Towler is an English nationalist who illustrates another issue – every pundit who rocks the boat gets surrounded by ‘advisers’ and in her case, their message is that the death cult is not an issue at all.  Nah, it’s the ethnicity of the invaders which is everything, as if ethnicity is separate from culture.

However, in this case, she does raise the issue of gaming, something I’ve been carrying on about for a decade now, with nobody listening, even close friends, and Vox Day is the expert in this field. Look up Sad Puppies.

Anyway – Laura on the subject:

The second video is annoying to the viewer because her connection continually dies or freezes, for which there are many tech reasons … but there are also other reasons and I too am suffering from this these days, where it never used to happen. Let’s not join dots any further than that.

Ladies and gentlemen, the pundit can only bring you things and the rest is up to you what you do with them. If even part of that last one is true, then it’s indicative, is it not? Eyes on the White House.

Meanwhile, the PTB find novel ways to bring the youngsters now stuck at home on-message:

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  1. May 11, 2020 at 5:49 pm

    I concur fully with the reported ‘Wokeification’ push which is almost too transparent in certain sectors of both TV and Radio.

    Take ‘Sky Witness’ channel for example. The shows which I watch on ‘Witness’ are literally clogged with the same adverts, repeated incessantly. They feature, almost to the exclusion of every other sector of humanity; Women, Black- or Coloured-skinned, some disabled, some not. They are seen showering, squidging various types of expensive gunk on to their skins, mimicking extreme languor or whatever, and then: transformed into various legal and office backgrounds, with signs indicating ‘solicitor’, ‘lawyer’, etc. What the average man, white, black or t’otherwise is to take as a message from these slanted adverts is, certainly to THIS white Englishman, just a tiny bit silly. My judgement, how I measure a person is certainly not based on the colour of their skin: it is purely based, certainly in the Project, Construction and Engineering fields, on one thing, and one thing only, can they do their jobs efficiently, honestly and to the betterment of the Project.

    The only advert which annoys me more that that sexist bunch of crap is the series featuring some Black bloke, complete with Americanised accent, and a white bloke who is shown as ‘too dumb for words’. It is featured for some ‘switching website platform’ and ‘Gormless’ is shown, by the ‘expert Black bloke; how to use a *****ing mouse to ‘save money’ or some other advertising-land gimmick. My considered judgement. Bollocks!!!

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