The New “Normal”

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Whilst N.O. was down this morning, I composed in OoL, in order to take the draft back to N.O. when it was up again – that will make sense to those who blog.

Whilst in OoL, I noticed some regulars in the Bin, which is what happens to regulars at the other site. One is now being binned at both sites and I’ve no idea why. That’s an issue but there are others.

The two sites are WPdotorg but each uses different plug-ins, one is supposedly secure, the other not and yet both are rated insecure by WP. We’re very much looking at issues but that’s not for publication

Content things

It’s uncanny how these things happen. I get many emails and one this morning referred to the trauma from the pedogate posts – in the N.O. sidebar, there is all you’d ever need to know on the topic and it’s bad, the issue, very bad.

Unfortunately, it includes links which can be clicked on and a certain amount of trust in me and in our main feeder on such matters has meant that some of a less jaundiced disposition and background – not yet inured against trauma from the utter trash mindsets of today seen in film, gaming, TV, music – such people get the full brunt and that comes back to us, the bloggers and tweeters.

At the same time, youtube suggested this video about Doctor Who episodes in the early 2000s reboot and why he was traumatised as a child – there’s a lot of that going on right now. Some of the comments below are to the point:

# We all have that one Doctor Who episode that terrified us as a child. For me, this was Steven Moffat’s first episode, the infamous Empty Child two-parter. All these years later, let’s revisit it and see how it holds up.

That very ‘let’s revisit it’ is where the residual trauma lies. From the little I’ve seen so far, it’s not been too bad but I can quite see that those watching for the first time – well, it can’t be unseen, like a Damian Hirst ‘sculpture’ on the English coastline, a 2012 Olympics ceremony or a Tracy Emin bed.

#  None of them in particular actually scared me but I think the scariest few were: The Empty Child, Midnight, Under The Lake and Blink.

#  I was already in my late teens when I sat down to watch Doctor Who, so I was never traumatized as a kid, but I definitely remember The Empty Child being the creepiest, most disturbing episode of the show. 

That last was by commenter Hellbird, so hardly a shrinking violet.

#  I was extremely young when new who started, and my parents made a point of not letting me watch it, because they didnt want me to get scared, but I guess at this point of the series, my parents decided it wouldn’t be too scary for 3 year old me to watch, so they let me watch the empty child, and it scared the shit out of me. what’s worse is that after this they didn’t let me watch The Doctor Dances, meaning i never saw the solution, or what happened in the first place. it was only a couple years ago when i fully watched the episode

Which brings up the whole idea of parental control and so many readers have mentioned the death of good parenting today, before even getting onto the question of fathers in homes.

Now we get into a really tricky area here – no one wishes to censor what adults do in private but it’s a different matter when they want to lay sicko things on the unsuspecting or at least don’t care enough to self-regulate. You know very well what this is hovering around – the question of censorship and the State’s role in it.

Because I’m of the opinion that the State does not give a damn – all it wants is total control of people’s hearts and minds and if that involves traumatising the population – good.  Just look at the whole Cv biz.

I’m far more concerned with the overall, longterm sickening of people’s minds and I’ll give you two examples.  One was long ago when I watched a couple of the Saw series with a mate and I think the idea was to gauge the level of trauma I displayed – how long until I said ‘turn it off’.  The notion of sticking it out being tough and manly and not sticking it out being wimpy ignores the whole question of sound mind/unsound mind.

On Twitter yesterday, they showed a clip from some game and some white guy is tied up and two blacks are shooting him from a distance.  And they talk about white male hatred?  Sheesh!

Not to put too fine a point on this – those are monsters producing those things, ditto with Eastenders – the one episode they had on at the gym some years back – I’ve no TV but that’s the level of sickness passing as entertainment today?  And who watches Eastenders?

Apart from the things people like Hirst insist on foisting upon people who simply do not wish to be made sick, aided and abetted by the media and ‘entertainment’ industry, there is the pedo thing. Ostensibly a documentary on it among the thousand other ones linked to, I started the youtube and it was a man like a Biden or Epstein actually starting to do something to a child – that was it, I was outta there and I trashed the link.

There’s a point here Yuri Bezmenov made in the 80s about the demoralisation of a people [see Cv in 2020 for an illustration of that] … that it takes years and our schools are starting it right now.  By the time they get to 20, these kids are not whole people, they’re drug-addled sickos, and I’m saying that as one whose own recreation was not the most wholesome in the early days.

Thus look at the violence, look at the young women off their brains these days and as Bezmenov said – they are incapable of judging any more, they have not the background by which to judge any more. It’s fine, they say, but against what are they measuring that statement?

A mate of mine says society needs a complete reboot [computer version of that word but maybe footwear as well].  Yes, fine, but who will lead that?  The Pope?  Welby?  Bloggers?  Boris?  Pelosi?  I’d suggest that the rot set in during Boomer time and just got worse as the generations followed, to the point that the only ones capable of setting things straight are the pre-1950 born – and only half of them – and what is currently happening to them?

Dropping like flies:


Where does this leave us?

There’s a Deep Global State with a transparent agenda, of which this is part:

There’s a New “Normal” which is anything BUT normal when measured against values of societies functioning reasonably well – near full employment, most on the same page, philosophically, little tolerance for sickness in the head, sense of family and of patriotism.

The New “Normal” today has been illustrated on our blogs and timelines for a few years now, we’re fairly much at one on it having crossed some line we can’t fully define but it’s there – and the question now is how to get it back up and functioning, how to arrest and incarcerate or execute those perpetrating it.

Meanwhile, the victims don’t always know they are. So many think they’re in some modern time of “wellness” and “wholesomeness”, while it’s actually the diametric opposite – sleepwalking to oblivion as humans.

Where does libertarianism fit into all this?

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  1. May 12, 2020 at 2:00 pm

    Its not only Farage’s smugglers; bloody Lord Dubs (he of the melting heart) and the government bring FIFTY TWO back in from a Lesbos dump, where they were right at home…..

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