The sweet silence of Corona

Many things are changed. The virtual world-wide lockdown has altered whole economies, changed our very world, and, sadly, has caused thousands of casualties.

But there has been at least one fantastic change in a whole industry, in the broadcasting about, operation of,  and supporting of, the greatest waste of time known to  modern man. Sport.

How wonderful it has been to have whole mornings, afternoon and evenings free from the eternal output of commentaries, opinion, pre- and post-match discussion about the creases on some overpaid clown’s forehead, and whether the worry causing those frown creases will be cleared before this, and of course many other overpaid clowns commence either kicking, throwing, battering or losing a variety of different shaped balls. No more tense commentaries, no more screams of joy or sadness at some movement by some overpaid prima donna wearing some vastly-overpriced boots. No more money wasted on hugely-overpriced replica kit, which of course will be changed three or four times in a season.

True, the silence cannot last for much longer, but how nice it has been for the many millions who do not give two damns about a team, a league, an athletic event, whether it be overseas or local; who haven’t got a clue and care even less whether one bloke, or team, or whatever succeeds in some strange ritual.


Sport. What a waste of time, sweat and effort!

2 comments for “The sweet silence of Corona

  1. Ed P
    May 19, 2020 at 5:06 pm

    I share your opinions about sport.

    But I do wonder what the large numbers who seem to enjoy watching, discussing (& participating in) physical activities will be doing without their daily “fix”.

    Bread & Circuses are important – as the Romans knew, they keep the people docile.

  2. Stonyground
    May 20, 2020 at 7:56 pm

    I enjoy taking part in running and triathlon events. This is purely for my own amusement and to stay fit. I gained a lifelong loathing of football and rugby due to being forced to play at school.

    I don’t really understand what you gain from watching other people do sport. The appeal of football as a spectator sport I find particularly baffling.

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