The worst people of all?

Mike as usual has tapped a rich vein of annoyance – the way the Lords are now quite irrelevant, post-Blair. It’s a chamber now of anti-people interference merchants and Brexit is a perfect Adonis example.

The march through the institutions has not been silent [you can read the documents], it’s not been slow, but it has been surreptitious, unheralded by an MSM in deep-capture.

I’d like to broaden the issue now along libertarian lines, as that’s the mission statement of this site – liberty and the fight for it.

Liberty though for whom? Enfranchisement for whom?  To quote Mike:

We see dozens, literally dozens, of politicians, from all Parties, ennobled for the specific purpose of adding to a headcount when votes are counted, so that the Government can depend upon those when voting on certain contentious Bills is necessary. We also see members of the Lords whose ennoblement can be a mystery.

I … note the presence, in the Lords chamber, of Baroness Doreen Lawrence. It is accepted that, besides being awarded £500,000.00 of taxpayers money because the Met. screwed up the investigation into the murder of her son, she was give the Title just to shut her up, and stop her mewling. Her husband, who was much the more worthy recipient of high office, did not receive any such distinction: possibly because he kept his mouth shut.

If the Lords is a sludge of dregs, unfortunately so too is the Commons with its top down preselection system – Tories with their CCHQ directives [infamous in Call Me’s day], plus the takeover of Labour by Momentum.  It’s certainly not for talent that they’re in there – witness Jess Phillips and Diane Abbot, also Lammy.

This morning I saw a new vlog by Laura Towler and was most surprised to see her attacking the issue of Muslim rape and violence, as Muslims, not just as Pakistanis along ethnic lines [her usual target].


However, this time, her object of ire was the pussified male for whom there’s no ‘Karen’ like designation as yet.  They are certainly the worst people you could have in parliament after all the other worst people you could have in parliament.

Coming back to Jess Phillips, Sarkon had her measure:

His vlog showed her in parliament, shrilly screaming at Boris about bullying, something she was engaging in at that very moment at the top of her voice. She is the archetypal Karen. This is another, American definition:

And here’s one in action:

Paul Joseph Watson posted a video about Karens and footage of a cycle/walking path beside a field – point being that it was a narrow path, a woman going in one direction, a male cyclist going the other.  He’d slowed to go past her, they’d never been close to a collision, unlike some of the entitled lycra louts whom Julia adores [not], and as he passed, she spat out, in an uppity, sing-song voice, ‘not social distancing’.

To me, that incident, in that fraction of a second it took for her to utter her rehearsed auto-inanity, illustrated the insanity of the whole social distancing situation, given the impossibility of this in a work environment, in a pub, at the beach, in a supermarket aisle.  But it also illustrated her insufferable Karenian arrogance.

Now, in this situation, who should have moved off the asphalt path onto the grass?  Answer is – neither.  But that was not the point, the point was that she had that rehearsed auto-inanity on her lips to trot out in that Karen-smug, self-entitled way, plus he was white patriarchy of course.  And she caused a verbal reaction from him.

My own reaction would have been anger but a second later, I’d have cycled back in front of her, asking her to explain, playing the puzzled dumbo [no need for me to practise this, it comes naturally].  Maybe I’d offer to give her a lift on my bike.

The generation war has also moved on, with the new generation recognising the type:

… hence the way the meme has gone viral.  Everyone recognises a Karen, everyone recognises useless, greedy politicians too, well over half the community recognise the death and rape cult for what it is, the white patriarchy is vilified ad nauseam by the Karens and SJWs, Gen Z is having a shot at Gen X, Gen X detest the Boomers, as do the Millennials.

Do you detect a me-me-me godless insanity out there now? Love thy neighbour, brethren?  Sorry – sisterhood I meant.  Or is that trannyhood?  Everyone’s having a shot at everyone else.

IMHO, what it comes down to is:

1. No rule of law in place as it used to be. For example, my pet hate is people making loud noise between midnight and dawn when normal people are sleeping. There should be and are rules to cover that – the rules state 11 p.m. as a matter of fact but midnight or even 1 a.m. is fine for me. But not 3 a.m.

Everyone is ultra-quick at firing out the accusation ‘unreasonable’, always at the other person, never at oneself, so it really needs firm and generally accepted definitions about what is reasonable and what is not. There once were, now it tends to the lawless – just look at Plod.

Did you see the young Plodthug approach James Delingpole the other day in the park [see Breitbart]? Young Plodthug had nothing worthwhile to say, he just wanted to throw his weight around on a soft target.

My mate from overseas asked me if everyone was wearing the masks.  Nope – you go to the supermart here and a few do, most don’t, it’s pointless anyway:

Yes, he asked, but when you go inside the store, do they insist on it?  Well, Morrisons don’t for a start.  It’s basically made up as they go along, Boris hasn’t a clue, Plod make up laws as they go around harassing people.  He shook his head – his land had rid itself of the Communists after decades, now it was heading back that way again in a race with the UK.

2. Too many people in too small a space now. At least, there’s plenty of wilderness out there but no one can hunt these days, nor is anyone allowed to. Bureaucracy, combined with lack of personal space, has people at each other’s throats, on a short fuse.

Coming back to Mike again and his post before this one – who defines enfranchisement and who should have it?  Enoch, Nigel and I would argue – start with it being for the indigenous – if you can trace your ancestry ten generations back here, that should do for starters.  Plus immigrants who have come in legally through the gate, with sufficient points, and can speak English well – each one of them, not just the head of the extended household.

Who should be thrown out?  Foreign crims immediately, including grooming gangs, the govt can get to others by and by.

All right, how does all the above sit with libertarian sensitivities?  This was also thrown into sharp relief by the current freedom and die v lockdown extended battle – nasty things said by both sides. You can make a case for various stances – mine is that those concerned will stay near home, those unconcerned will go out.

The heading asked the question – who are the worst people of all?  The answer is – other people.  But where does that get us on an island whose habitable spaces have us packed in like sardines?

This is at the Wail right now:

2 comments for “The worst people of all?

  1. bruce charlton
    May 19, 2020 at 8:52 am

    Parliament and the government (civil service) generally – are the worst people, so are those in leadership positions everywhere… medicine, universities, education in general, police, military, sports, media … um… everywhere.

    But the people one rank down – the middle managers, ‘Karens’ – are also the worst. And the people at the bottom and who Do Things – while not the worst – are useless.

    That’s the scale of the problem. You could get rid of everyone in leadership and they would be replaced by people as bad or worse.

    If people themselves don’t improve, there is no possibility of significant imporvement.

    Therefore nearly all social discourse is at best a waste of time, at worse it makes matters worse by implying that personnel changes would make a significant positive difference.

  2. May 23, 2020 at 2:52 am

    Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I have my bad days, my poor days, my weak days. Occasionally I surprise m’self by being good. Actually good.

    I see others similarly fickle; in turn annoying farts, despicable turds, shining examples of ‘there go I, but for….”, and occasionally ‘fine fellows well met; or at least fleetingly observed.

    There are so many of us. Not too many yet though, to take Gates et al, the Planned Parenthood horde, Adolph and Mao, Che and Corbyn, as fellow travellers. I prefer a different carriage on a different train. My stop should heave into sight soon, thank Goodness.

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