So Much For ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ In The Police Service…

David Stockport, of Newby Wiske Action Group, said the [redacted] had initially claimed that the fence was for “security”, but it had been shown the majority of the site, including the pond beside the hall’s boundary, has little or no security with broken or missing fencing.

He said: “Now their story has changed. It is no longer for security, but now they laughingly claim health and safety grounds to protect members of the public from injury. Could these be the same members of the public who have been managing to use the path for over 30 years without any incident?

“Perhaps if they really cared about the health and safety of local residents they would allow the path to be opened for local people to exercise during these troubled times.

“No matter how many different excuses they try to come up with, they can’t get away from the fact they have erected the fence in breach of planning law and are now trying to ignore highways law as well. This is nothing to do with health and safety it is about misplaced pride and arrogance.”

Which unscrupulous greedy capitalist organisation is responsible for this ducking and diving to skirt their social responsibility this time?

Well, would you believe, it’s the police?