Then they came for us in our homes

In John Buchan’s 1915 novel The Thirty-Nine Steps, he used a phrase about escaping to the wilds of Scotland, away from all the politika, and the phrase was “I could not contrive to feel careworn”.

Well I cannot contrive, now, to feel better than careworn and here are some reasons – if I repeat text from my own site, then forgive me please.

“Firstly, dismiss LibLabGreenSNP and concentrate on the supposed right.  The faux right, the Tories, under Boris/Cummings have been called out by the actual right – Baker, Bone, those few Tories, plus Tice, Nigel, TBP holdovers, kippers … and the topic is currently Cummings.

I’ve no reason to like Cummings – his behaviour vis-a-vis the gullible Farage was despicable and he’s prevented new, real conservatives from coming into parliament.  Whether any would have won, had the Tories not stood in those seats – weeeelll, who knows?

As for his recent travels, Cummings I’m not so gung ho on for that reason.  Iain Dale is though on radio – he’s quite hot under the collar that he [Iain] had to stay 158 miles from home but Cummings was able to journey twice.

Boris, who only seems capable of ruling by SpAd, would be lost if Cumming goes – I don’t mean officially stands down, I mean for real.  How bad would that be? 

Well his global One Nation Unipartyism I feel would increase – he’d now be bowing to Remoaners and their owners.

Yes, I know, I know that he’s hardly a Brexiteer, Boris, so it’s an interesting time we’re in.  Only a handful of high profile figures are properly conservative, millions more out in the sticks who are unknown are of our view, social media is largely conservative.  No one trusts Nigel any more and yet many admire him for calling out the invasion.

That’s the UK for now.  Over in the States, a massive fight is ensuing in Alabama. Word I hear is that the favoured candidate, an Auburn football coach, is not greatly loved for the Senate against this Jones, whereas Sessions is still favoured by the right in Bama.

This is dangerous for the Donald, because if Sessions gets in, that’s another never-Trumper like Romney in place and the Senate is jittery and wobbly as it is.  The likely scenario if both stand is a split vote and Jones gets back. 

Things may have moved on and I’m not up to speed on Bama but Bama and Florida are two jewels in the crown just now – Donald and the GOP must have a long talk – there are electors involved of course.

As for the GOP chairwoman – she seems like another Graham and McConnell. I’m not sure the Donald will be returned or if he is, the Senate may well be lost in real terms, if nominally GOP.”

What is the ‘right’ now anyway? Reason I ask is I’ve spoken with many of the working class, the poor, and many of their policy positions are in line with our corner of the sphere, to the extent that left/right truly is not indicative – there seems, up here, a far left versus mild left thing going on but the mild left would be horrified to know that their positions are not far from the alt-right.  Shhhhh!

Commenters at this site in the past have many times said it’s Statism v people now. I use the term ‘global left’ but let’s just call it globalist, ok, versus Them or the global elite and all their lackeys down through society, particularly in govt employment, but it’s now everywhere, can’t be escaped.

Everything is now Woke – they are tares infiltrating among the wheat.

Whichever terms we use, there are the statist, anti-conservative Hancocks and Cummingses … and there are concerted moves to rid not just parliament but the world of those of our point of view.

Going through the system is stymied at every turn, the leaders have all sold out, they expect and await unrest so they can complete the job.  This is truly a rock and hard place – to let the thing crash is factored in, Starmer is an apparatchik of the Momentum far-left.

Mass protests will see people sacked from jobs, activists rounded up.

Then they come for us in our homes.

How many times have I heard gung-ho noises from our side to let it all collapse, let Starmer and Cuomo do their worst -the people will see how bad it is and all rise up.

No they won’t, they never do en masse – even revolutions are orchestrated.

What we have is a pretence of democracy at this moment, but once allow Starmer et al in and then it’s on for real – the dictatorship of the elite.

These are not good times, they’re times for us to keep our heads and see what comes through via the Samizdat.

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  1. Valentine Gray
    May 24, 2020 at 6:41 pm

    Who is going to lead the Revolution ? Tommy Robinson or Paul Golding. people are learning how much they have had the piss taken out of them. What sort of government takes us into a Police State on the word of a half-wit called Neil Ferguson and illusionist Dominic Cumming.

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