Child ‘Protection’ Is Really State Servant Protection…

…the judge – who said he had never had to make such severe criticisms of the behaviour of social workers – has ruled that virtually no details of what happened may be made public. He ordered that the names of the social workers responsible for destroying the children’s lives must be kept secret, and even the identity of the council they work for should be suppressed, to preserve the children’s privacy.

We know what it’s really to protect, ‘your honour’…

The judge opted to shield the social workers and the council from public criticism even though the boys’ identities are already widely known through a crowdfunding campaign run by their mother, and one has even been pictured in national newspapers.


…the mother broke up with the children’s father and began to live with a new boyfriend, who was a convicted paedophile.

Social workers are understood to have taken the side of the mother despite her relationship with a dangerous sex offender and to have ignored the protests of the father.

Thanks to the outcry over this, the justice system has now reconsidered and named the council. No-one will be a bit surprised to find out it’s Haringey.