More Covid interconnections

A valued reader pointed out some time back that your humble blogger here was enamoured of the ideas of one Polly, oft-mentioned and I need to open by mentioning that it’s the method of someone which counts, not if he/she is a nice person or has a good/not so good manner.

In my book, someone is ok if he/she can let the search lead him/her and then we can see the interconnections. Polly tends to want to lead everyone with her cursor and it’s most annoying, plus she’s also becoming too fond of her new status as superstar, plus she is searching for these ‘booms’, these ‘gotchas’ all the time.

However, she does still let the search lead her where the evidence goes and then we can see the interconnections – as you see below – her main value is that she brings to light, for many, what’s going on, which is one of the factors leading to Gates’s vaccine being exposed for what it is.

And so to the current offering. It starts with a tweet by a nurse as part of a nurse natter, some time back:

Anyone with an @ on a tweet has a Twitter account but one person did not:

The field of study for a start gives cause for pause.  She writes much and one you see upper left below.

Look at the last one. It’s a rehash, says Polly, of the 2005 effort, with the major difference being that Ms Grady drops her talk of the wonders of Communitarianism for the second work.  For those who’ve forgotten, here’s a post on this ‘third way’ embraced by, among others, Blair:

The term fell into disrepute and was dropped in public discourse.  Whose commission was this below?  Obama’s.  She left her position in 2017.

This one explains itself:

And as we already know:

All this long preceded the Cv outbreak immediately post-Event 201.  You call that ‘conspiracy theory‘?

It’s been quite public Fauci and Co’s putting down of hydroxothingy which most on the front line, plus the Donald, are availing themselves of, but they also tried to put down this one:

I wonder why any drug bar the one ‘officially being developed and rolled out’ is anathema to PEPFAR’s three key figures Fauci, Birx and Pence.  PEPFAR as you know, is connected to the global mass vaccination programme of the Gates’ Foundation.

Does the Donald know all this or does he delegate this sort of Cv thing to his VP and fellow PEPFARers?