Minneapolis Burning

Firstly, the up front things everyone is seeing:

Let’s add what Distant Relative has:

Thread from twitter re recent events across the Pond.

“Let’s go through the very ODD things regarding the situation in my home state!
1. VP of Mpls city council states George Floyd and Ex-Officer Chauvin worked to together for 17 years…”


All right, put on hold the way we’re meant to think about these thugs – black, antifa and the left in general – and start thinking the opposite, exploring it.

Because we have two things going down here as far as I can see:

1. The theatre as she is played out before our eyes – crisis actors, burning and looting, Soros funding it through Ellison and Co, lawless blacks [and Muslims], Them desperate to get this civil war thing going, itching for it to happen in fact.

So far, the Donald has stymied that by being kind to blacks, appointing them, appointing women, undercutting the DemRats’ and RINOs’ shtick – the Donald’s still electable and the DemRats are staring down the face of long prison terms.  Community anarchists are next to go after that.

In this scenario, the muvvers about to be arrested and charged had to up the ante and get the conflagration actually rolling. I’d not mind speculating that the killer cop is Manchurian – look at that twitter reader link about what his neighbours were saying about him, Sandy Hook again.

2. There is, though, an entirely different agenda no one’s speaking of in our corner of the sphere [sic] but I have done, just once or twice. What if this is the Donald himself behind it?  Look at what some of the less loony left have been saying consistently – that he’s shaping up to take over in the interim, in the face, not of lawlessness and chaos across the land orchestrated by Obama, Clinton et al, but by the Donald’s own power base [see the Triangle post again].

That aligns with the eschatology of Christians as well, the end times scenario.

On a far less off-the-planet level, leaving other-worldly powers out of it for now, more in line with the Triangle post and The Stars’ Tennis Balls – what if there’s an enormous powerplay going on at a level way above ours – basically the military versus the degenerates?  This is internecine warfare and we are the bunnies and the collateral.

We’ve seen this before with the global Marxists at the time of Watergate, the time before that being McCarthy and the communists.  In 1972, the same enemy took on the same other apex of the triangle and the G.Gordon Liddys knew what was happening.  Have you ever listened to G. Gordon Liddy?

Also go back to Ike’s farewell speech and the military-industrial complex:

The MIC is not the military per se, it is the donkeys at the top, the pollies, the payola, and the same is happening today – we’re talking billion dollar industries and insane Wokeness, quite at odds with the traditional military stance on social matters.

In short, in this scenario, it’s very much The Stars Tennis Balls and we’re the plebs below copping the fallout.  Meanwhile, the paid agents provocateurs do their thing as they always have done, at least from the time of John Buchan and back to Bismark.

We’re certainly up against the global elite, headquartered in Britain and Bavaria, the Black Nobility, then the UN and the second and third worlds, communist in nature, the US deep state, also the Muslims.

They’re all the enemy of people, of humans, just depends which one we get.

Meanwhile, Minneapolis is burning.

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  1. Valentine Gray
    May 30, 2020 at 10:28 am

    I personally would like to see Parliament burnt to the ground and coppers having their arses kicked . I have had enough of this covid crap I do not know anyone who died of it, Experts, professors, politicians think they have ownership of the truth they think in godlike ways that they possess higher knowledge, stripping us of basic human rights forcing us to participate in our own humiliation. “Disease” is now the key to modern Tyranny.

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