“You’re the cream in my coffee…”

A London train station worker has admitted spiking her supervisor’s coffee with cleaning fluid in the midst of a feud.

Aurora Iacomi, 31, poured the liquid into the victim’s flask in the staff room at Fenchurch Street railway station on April 22.

Nice! Another sign of our growing European enrichment…

Appearing at Woolwich crown court this afternoon, Iacomi pleaded guilty to a charge of administering a poison with intent to injure, aggrieve, or annoy.

A previous court hearing was told of an “ongoing disagreement” between Iacomi and her supervisor, culminating in this incident.

Iacomi faces a second, more serious charge of poisoning with intent to endanger life, which was not put to her during today’s hearing held over Skype.

Why not? Did the signal drop out?

Iacomi is due to return to court for the next hearing on July 30. A trial date was not set today due to ongoing uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

By which time her lawyer will no doubt have hired an ‘expert witness’ to tell the court how cleaning fluid is not only not poisonous, but everyone should be putting some in their coffee!

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  1. Valentine Gray
    June 3, 2020 at 11:42 am

    Covid 19 is such an inspiration, from song and dance routines don’t have sex unless you voted Coronaservative, don’t breath without a mask, don’t drink cleaning fluid without a prescription unless you are a pensioner can’t wait for COVID the Musical.

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