Try to engage, explain and encourage this crew?

Noticed any dead black men lying around London recently? How about Liverpool? Well, look harder; they’re trying very hard to state that this is a big problem in Great Britain and Northern Ireland: so they are holding this big waste of time Black Lives Matter protest in Birmingham.. Now, the Covid-19 Regulations state, categorically, that six is the maximum number which legally can be gathered together at any one time. As we can fairly state that not many of these time-wasters are closely related, excepting the usual Muslims who tend to marry close cousins as a matter of ‘keeping it all in the family’: we can also be fairly confident that they  are breaking not only the spirit, but also  the practice of the Law.


So what is the action stance of our Police? You know, the uniformed people who are sworn to protect us (although personally, I feel less and less protected as the years go by): the people who now routinely carry automatic weaponry as defence against Terrorists, the people who will arrest anyone (Well, nearly everyone) who breaks the law. I am reminded of only one man who fits the C.V. of the present ‘Old Bill’. His name? Pontius Pilate! He washed his hands over the fate of the Man some called ‘Saviour’, or ‘Son of God’,  and you cannot get a better definition than that. What could Pilate do? Jesus was probably innocent. The ruler suspected that. But here was a point at which he could placate an unruly crowd with little risk. He did the expedient thing. He declared Jesus guilty, had Him whipped, and gave Him over to the executioners.


As with Pilate, so with our valiant Police Services (Ha! Some Service). West Midlands Police today said: “We appreciate that today’s gathering was much larger than is allowed by those regulations, but we have consistently said that our approach is to engage, explain and encourage people, and we will only enforce the regulations when absolutely necessary.

“We put in place a proportionate policing plan for this protest, which involved a small number of officers in place to engage with the protesters.”

In other words, no enforcement, no arrests, nothing which most of us yearn for as a sign that the Police have developed a backbone. 


Now if we had a Judge who both knew the Law and was determined that the Law be upheld, like they do in New South Wales, with Supreme Court Judge Desmond Fagan, and with a Police Force who were determined that the  Judge’s word be upheld: it might have turned out a bit different


3 comments for “Try to engage, explain and encourage this crew?

  1. Mona
    June 5, 2020 at 9:16 pm

    The Law is an ASS, bolloxs to covid regulations I’m tired of Covid crap, black lives matter, British Police kneeling paying homage to a black criminal of another country. I didn’t know covid was a brain disease. Where are all those sheep dogs.

  2. Mudplugger
    June 5, 2020 at 9:34 pm

    Not my job to defend the incompetent, virtue-signalling and often corrupt police but, in this case we need to recognise the difference between Recommendations, Guidance and Regulations.

    Many/most of the so-called Covid ‘rules’ do not feature in the legal definitions (e.g. the silly 2-metre social distancing), they are merely ‘guidelines’. The six-person gathering cannot be legally enforced, otherwise almost every workplace would be subject to prosecution, for example. Hence any public demonstration does not automatically fall foul of Covid laws – it may transgress other laws regarding public assemblies but not the Covid ones.

    Plod can only ever apply legal sanctions to those aspects which are Regulations, i.e. those aspects which are thus defined in the relevant Acts. That’s how it should be.

    The fault in this case, if any, lies with those who draw up the legislation, not the brain-dead Plod on the ground – even those kneeling on the ground, with or without a man’s head under one knee.

  3. Valentine Gray
    June 6, 2020 at 8:11 am

    The Stasi aren’t brain dead when it comes to Tommy Robinson, they are obsessed with him , he is at the moment looking at more grooming gangs and the Plod want them left alone.Why Why Why?

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