From gaming to life

The thing I have against Laura is that she came under the influence of those who convinced her that Islam is not an issue, it’s Pakis themselves.

It’s both, it’s also travellers, it’s not an either/or here, it’s an ‘as well as’.

Having said that, I like Laura a lot and am crazy for the accent and manner, my homeland, though I have precious little of it. So I still watch and listen. This is a good one from her and as it went on, it made more and more sense.

I’m uncomfortable with the ‘white’ thing though – it seems to be accepting Them’s own framing and running with Their agenda, just its antithesis, making us bugs to be swatted.

Far better to say gammon or European or even human and the reason I say human is we are by no means anti-black. Thomas Sowell, Wayne Dupree, those twins, the two black girls with their channel, Candace, this is by NO means a race thing from us.

We’re not anti-black, we’re anti-Woke, utterly. Anyway, have a look:

Also maybe this: