Not unlike a time machine

Reading a quite slanted article, high on pathos in almost every sentence, should cause an outraged pundit to leap into print to decry it …

… except that the article is slanted towards us this time, not against:

Bennet claimed that should police have intervened and stopped the vandals from throwing the Colston statue in the harbour, there likely would have been an outbreak of violence, and therefore the police stood down and allowed the mob to act as they pleased. He noted that there were less than 80 officers present at the protests, which saw some 10,000 people attend in clear defiance of the Chinese coronavirus lockdown measures that remain in place.

There are a few observations which can be made:

1. The sentiments are valid and now we see Baden-Powell is the latest.

2. Discourse is now slanted one way versus slanted the other – no middle ground exists any longer.

3. It’s not unlike someone from one age, say the Victorian, building a time machine, zooming into the future and finding, to his horror, that the iconoclastic vandals now roam the earth, under the tight control of satanic Jeremy Ironses, replete with mindless morlock police, with the exception that this Plod Force are wimpy and vicious at the same time.

4. And this state of affairs has unnaturally accelerated before our eyes within one person’s lifetime. My parents have gone, almost all their generation of family, friends and colleagues have gone, the Churchills and Enoch Powells have gone, it’s a dystopic nightmare and here we are, still alive to witness this alien nightmare. As in many SF stories, the symbols of the old ways now lie at grotesque angles in the rivers, rusting and rotting.

Quite sobering is that in 2020, if we think back to when the old ways and civil consensus still held sway – would that have been the mid 50s to maybe even Thatcher’s era, let’s say late 70s? A relatively short space in time for it all to collapse.

Because, despite the Breitbart article, one of the last voices in the wilderness, I see no major moves by any but radicals on our side this coming Saturday to mass march and attempt to protest these outrages.

Instead, just purple verse – Breitbart’s, mine, yours … but no actual moves on Johnson and his lefty concubine, no moves by us on the criminal governors and mayors in the States.

It’s as though we’re paralysed in a stupor. Yes, I include myself in this. What can one do, we ask in that defeatist way? Wait in our homes for the rampaging mob to break down the door, as Floyd and his fellow thugs did, as those others did with that 83 year old lady?

Meanwhile, the enemy themselves are turning on each other, eating one another if they’re not completely on-song – Vox:

Even high-ranking liberals who are in the media are discovering that decades of dutifully parroting the Narrative will not suffice to save them when they fail to keep up with the instantaneous twists and turns of the rest of the SJW school.

The editor of The New York Times editorial page has also been canceled and forced to resign over a single op/ed.

What sort of a dog-eat-dog life is that? Is that any way to conduct a civil society?