What The Hell Is Wrong With Our Justice System?

It used to be the envy of the world. And now it’s broken.

The Crown Prosecution Service has been asked to review evidence into the death of railway worker Belly Mujinga in recognition of wider public interest, although the case is not being reopened, British Transport Police said.

In other words, because the usual suspects whip up petitions and social media campaigns, the craven heads of the services set up to investigate and prosecute feel obliged to ‘do something’…

Ms Mujinga died in April of coronavirus, a few weeks after an incident at London’s Victoria station, leaving a widower and an 11-year-old daughter.

British Transport Police (BTP) interviewed a 57-year-old man but said the incident did not lead to the worker’s death and decided not to refer the case to the CPS.

And that should have been an end to it. But it’s not.

In a new statement on Friday, BTP said it had invited the CPS to conduct an independent review of the available evidence, and whether there were any further lines of inquiry.

Will they look into how she might have acquired the virus at home, rather than at work? Probably not.

BTP said it understood the depth of feeling over the case and that there were further questions over how it was decided there was insufficient proof of a crime to justify a prosecution.

The development came as the number of people signing a petition launched in support of Ms Mujinga topped a million.

The petition seeks justice for the family of Ms Mujinga.

Does it? Or does it merely seek a payout?

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  1. Valentine Gray
    June 12, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    BLM _Britain, desperately needs a George Floyd figure but more saintly, otherwise at the end of Covis other matters will take priority and she will be forgotten or next will be a demand for a statue of her in Whitehall. What Justice system ?? we have only ever had a legal system to serve the ruling elite, ask Tommy Robinson?

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