Translation: “We Surrender”

Labour councillor Nancy Platts made the announcement amid anti-racism protests across the UK in which a slave trader’s statue in Bristol was torn down and thrown into the harbour.

She said: “The Black Lives Matter movement has rightly shone a spotlight on colonial statues and street names in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

“In Brighton and Hove we’re currently reviewing all plaques, monuments, statues and street names on public land to ensure that we’re celebrating legacies that reflect our city’s values.

“We will seek to remove any statues or monuments with clear associations with enslavement or plantations.

“We will talk with the council’s BME Workers Forum, our local Bame communities and historians to ensure we fully understand the history of our statues and street names and we’ll work collaboratively to commission new street art installations which celebrate the Black community.”

And, just in case they can’t provide enough ‘evidence’ to suit those desperate to grovel:

“I would like people to contact me directly if they are aware of any statues, monuments, street or building names which cause them concern.”

Great. Can’t see that going wrong, can you?

“We’re also aware of two plaques that have been identified on a website for removal.

“These are on private property.

“We’ll be contacting the owners to ask them to consider their appropriateness.”

I hope the owners tell you where to go.

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  1. john in cheshire
    June 15, 2020 at 1:45 pm

    You’d think these public servants have nothing better to do.

    Reducing council tax and returning to doing only those things that are essential for their paymasters would be something they should focus on, not things that are being demanded by people who have probably never paid a penny towards the council funding.

    When, I wonder when will we who pay the piper be allowed to call the tune?

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