There is an almighty bun fight going on across my devices. My site cannot be accessed on either ggl or gates so I’ve had to bring this from afar via various routes.



The story at this end

All this started early this morning, around 5 a.m., with my sitre refusing to let me upload more than a paragraph of plain text, with no key words or images. Then it blocked access to the site altogether.  OoL was still working though.  I had to do the images elsewhere and bring them here.

Meanwhile, my laptop suddenly stopped working. Rebooted, finally gates’s firm saying I had to use something for £79 to continue. It wanted my browsing history and personal details before I could proceed.

I rebooted.  I’m still locked out of N.O.

While I was rechecking my failsafe sites, one of them (below) had a most interesting post, published in 2016, one I’d forgotten about:

Well worth a watch – seems this mob still haven’t changed, in fact it’s more of the same.