Strange That When Historic Slavery Is In The Headlines…

…that this far more recent case seems to have been forgotten:

Lucy Adeniji, 44, took Olubukols ‘Buki’ Adeniji into her home in Ray Gardens, Barking, after she was brought into the country aged 11 from Nigeria on a false passport, and then subjected her to horrific treatment.

Worse than many a plantation owner meted out…

Buki, who arrived in the 1997, was supposed to have been sent here for a better life and to continue her education in Britain – but was never sent to school.

Instead, Isleworth Crown Court was told that she found herself waiting on Adeniji’s five children during the years she stayed with the family.

She was regularly beaten, prosecutor Tim Starkey said, and on one occasion pepper was put in her eyes and genitalia as a form of punishment, and she was struck with a meat cleaver.

So who was this monster Lucy Adeniji?

She was a pastor for TLCC ministeries, also in Ray Gardens, and she wrote a parenting book called Right Parenting: God’s Way.

I wonder why the mob demanding reparations over incidents centuries old is so silent about this case..?

Especially when it has so many of the same features as the antebellum slavery cases. Such as:

A woman, forced to work as a slave in a Barking home after being trafficked into the country, was awarded £5,000 damages today after a top judge criticised the Metropolitan Police for failing to promptly investigate her case.

Once again, people who didn’t enclave anyone are forced to pay for the sins of others…