A message to Local Plod

For the attention of the Police and Crime Commissioner Northumbria

Copied to The Chief Constable Northumbria

Copied to the  I.O.P.C.

Madam, Sir,

I learn through the Press that the Marxist/Communist/Anarchist crowd who pose under the title blacklivesmatter were proposing to hold a ‘Vigil’ at Keel Square in Sunderland.

I would make the following points and questions for both the PCC, and the Chief Constable.

  • As gatherings of more than six people are illegal under the Coronavirus Legislation, how is it that Northumbria Police are not only allowing this crowd to break the Law, they seem to be actively encouraging them?

  • Why do the Police seem to  be favouring this bunch of anarchical rebels, whilst, at the same time, threatening any who oppose this ‘Vigil’ by means of a Section 14 order, forbidding any other protests under force of Law?

  • Why is Northumbria Police giving special, favourable treatment to this ‘blm’ bunch, whose openly avowed goals include banning or removal of All police forces, and also rejoices in the slogan “All Cops Are Bastards’?

  • How can it possibly be justifiable – let alone fair – for any police department in the UK to turn a blind eye to (or indeed, as here, actively encourage) the Hard Left while simultaneously warning that anyone who wants to protest against this injustice will be liable for arrest?

  • The use of the term ‘Vigil’ by this blm bunch is an inexcusable lie. Vigils are what angels keep. Vigils are what servicemen keep over the bodies of their fallen comrades. Vigils are kept while Royals, or high and good Citizens lie in State before their funerals. Vigils are honourable, solemn, ancient – and have nothing whatsoever to do with a bunch of  Marxist agitators causing mayhem on the public streets under the pretence that they fight against ‘structural racism.’

  • As you may have noticed, I am also copying this message to the  Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), in order that they may verify that your actions, orders and statements comply with the Regulations governing the aforementioned Police Conduct.


Mike Cunningham

I promise to keep you updated on further communications.

4 comments for “A message to Local Plod

  1. James Strong
    July 1, 2020 at 6:37 am

    You won’t get a satisfactory response, and that’s partly because of the tone you have adopted in your letter.
    Whether or not your basic points are sound doesn’t matter. The recipients will block them out when they see:

    ‘Marxist/Communist /Anarchist crowd who pose…’

    ‘bunch of anarchical rebels…’

    ‘blm bunch…’

    ‘banning or removal of All police forces…’

    You’ve written the letter more or less in the style you would write for readers of this blog.

    It’s not going to work with officials who are likely to dismiss you, not as passionate but as emotional.

    You’d have been better off adopting a much more neutral tone.

    • July 3, 2020 at 3:46 am

      I disagree, JS, with respect. Little is likely to work with those coppers, so the ‘tone’ is simply ‘Genuine’, ‘Authentic’. Why pussyfoot around?

      • July 4, 2020 at 4:02 pm

        You’ll not get an answer no matter what…

  2. Valentine Gray
    July 1, 2020 at 10:04 am

    To the Chief Constable of North Cumbria,, would you invite GEORGE FLOYD home for tea if he were alive , or would you take a knee to him for a blow job?. you cannot take a neutral tone a stand must be taken now, a neutral tone sounds like submission.
    No doubt Floyd will be given the NOBEL PRIZE ? lets think of one.

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