Face reality for crying out loud!

So many of our population here are insular and have had peace given to them by the generation which fought for that, whether or not it was quite avoidable if those above had not caused it. Bottom line is that the underbelly became way too soft, making this society a prime target for the enemy – knife through butter stuff.

By ‘face reality’ in the heading, I don’t mean let’s all wallow in the latest lovingly brought to us images of atrocity but look beyond that at who is the body enabling this? Of course there are demographics you simply do NOT want in your land under any circumstances and Somalis are well known for it.

While I lived in Russia, they did that one summer – kicked everyone out of holiday camps and installed young Somali refugees. After the first rapes and bashings, the govt at least had the cojones to defy international opinion and send them right back to their godforsaken land. Most people have also seen the footage of the pirates taking over a Russian boat, something they lived to regret.

If you think I’m advocating warmongering here, that’s a misinterpretation – quite the opposite but it’s a Hobbiton in the Shire thing – in order to achieve peace and a pleasant place with a thriving economy, it needs the Striders, the boundary riders en masse – armed forces at one with the land.

The single sticking point is Them, those at the top, the dark shadow govt which people simply refuse to acknowledge – I’ve been blogging on that since 2006 and researching it since 2003. There’s not the slightest doubt that people like the Dulles Bros were out and out traitors, Bush, Kissinger, Cheney, Rumsfeld and that there is a hegemony of the Uniparty – always has been but it was not as openly seen as in 2020.

If I used these images at ‘the other place’, then no apology because they are the catalyst for the question below them:

That question is double-barrelled – who enabled all this and how can the root cause be removed?

The global cabal know the reactions of dissidents well and are well prepared with their FEMA type centres for those such as us, Tommy Robinson and so on. They rely on ‘I’m all right, Jack, crocodile will eat me last’ – I heard this yesterday from a mate who said we were in a good area – meaning almost no invaders. yet. They did try, local Them but there are some headkickers above in our area – not wise for the BS of the invader to be too pronounced here.

Major city centres are another thing though as you well know. The long and the short is that to keep a body healthy, you introduce nutrients the right way – time-tested fare which does not trigger bad reactions. What you singularly do NOT do is imbibe viruses holus-bolus for goodness sake, which are known-knowns for debilitating the body.

That is simply insanity.

So the only question remaining is – are those above us donkeys or are they evil muvvers, in thrall to a cabal?  And to hell with those being trigger words for whackjobs because they are very much not whackjobbery in 2020 – they never were but now people are starting to wake up, thanks to nothing.

So let’s repeat it – those above, from Johnson to every little Cressida Dick in every little council office to all HR, to school heads and teachers, to judges like Cherie Blair and Roberts over in the States – to all the placed-evil-muvvers – if they were installed, they must be uninstalled.

But as can be seen in the States – the only person who can start something like that is someone not in thrall or at least only in thrall to a homegrown cabal, e.g. the armed forces, not some international syndicate of the grasping and corrupt.  But then you get Eisenhower’s Military-Industrial-Complex.

True conservatives say get govt right out of our lives anyway – anything it touches turns to ashes.  Fine, it does, how do we go about that?  Obviously political will is needed, plus cooperation and the latter is something DJT does not have over there – the swamp undermines him at every turn.  Sedwill is departing here – big deal – pro-terrorist Sir Humphrey will come in and take his place.

Armed civil war is NOT the answer because it’s long been factored in and it’s what Them are dearly waiting for to trigger the crash and consequent cashless enslavement.  All the undermining has been done, the march through the institutions is complete – everything from sanctified marriage to a work ethic has gone.

Could the Pope and/or Welby lead the way?  They might have, including an inrush to fill the pews yet again, but they’re nobbled as well, spouting do-gooder rhetoric, demi-scriptural reasoning like an Al Sharpton and the code of living has all but disappeared – we saw that in the woman kicking a swan in the head over the weekend.  Nice people about among our own lot, eh?  Let alone the BAME.

It’s approaching a point where it’s unsafe to walk about since the insubordination shown to Heinrich Hancock and the all-dancing, all-rainbow, running way Keystone Plod who see easy targets in the elderly who can’t fight back.

Move to another country?  Which?  No European country at this time.  Not Australia, it’s worse than here in Melbourne and Sydney.  Jackboot Jacinda’s NZ hellhole?  Soy Boy’s hellhole north of the States?  South bleeding Africa?  Have you seen pictures of what’s happened to the farmers?  Everything they own … and is that murdering demographic doing it in any position to farm the land themselves?

Where do they go?  They don’t.  Instead the miscreants come across to our shores in boats, helped by Macron and the cabal – escorted by ships FFS.  It is so bleedin obvious that the invader is just the vehicle, the stormtroopers – unless the minds behind all this in the dark govt are chopped, then this will go on and on to its logical conclusion.

Watch out for false messiahs promising to lead us out of it – we saw that at the last GE and so many were sucked in.  Now they’re bleating.  Do I sound unpleasant about sacred cow Johnson?  I think we’re past niceties now, are we not?

3 comments for “Face reality for crying out loud!

  1. Valentine Gray
    June 30, 2020 at 11:05 am

    When you have groveling arsholes like the Archbishop of Canterbury wishing to have a black Archbishop of Canterbury but he would not relinquish his position in favour of one. Drooling Boris is not what we expected no mention of immigration control, just plant money trees all over the place and see what more bitter fruit we will have to endure from these political nutcases.

    • James Strong
      July 1, 2020 at 6:44 am

      It wouldn’t matter if the Archbishop of Canterbury were black if he were also to be a robust Christian.

      Bishop Michael of Rochester would have been a fine choice, even if he is not the ‘right type’ of black

      Archbishop John of York would have been much better than Welby, and his blackness is neither here nor there.

      • Rowdy
        July 2, 2020 at 2:55 pm

        Generally, black Christians are more robust, less hand-clappy than the whites.

        I had hopes of the Bishop of York getting the archbishopric instead of the chinless wonder we’ve got.

        I suspect that an uncompromising fire and brimstone Bishop would get a lot of punters through the door: people want leadership and guidance from their religious leaders, not guitars and empathy.

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