Funny There Was Little Mention Of This At The Time…

A mentally ill and violent teenager who threw a six-year-old boy from the Tate Modern viewing gantry when he was allowed out unsupervised has been told he “may never be released” after being jailed for at least 15 years for attempted murder.

Jonty Bravery was on bail at the time of the incident after allegedly racially abusing his carer and assaulting him in a Brighton Burger King in 2019.

Really? I don’t remember that being front and centre at his trial conclusion!

A court heard he was on a day trip to Brighton from his supported living accommodation in London escorted by his carer Tawfiq Ibrahim.

He became agitated in a fast food restaurant and attacked Mr Ibrahim, the court heard, punching him several times, head butting and kicking.

Gosh! I thought they took a dim view of racial abuse in Brighton?

Security staff managed to get Bravery outside where he was arrested by Sussex Police. It is also alleged that after refusing to respond to his name, he assaulted a custody officer and urinated on the floor of his cell.

Bravery faces five counts of assault by beating, racially aggravated assault, assaulting an emergency worker and criminal damage.

Chairwoman Shirley Vening said the magistrates would decline jurisdiction given the complex nature of the case and sent Bravery to appear again at Lewes Crown Court next month.

If only he’d been dealt with a bit quicker, and a bit more firmly, by our glacial, pass the buck justice system, a little French boy might not have needed to learn to walk again…