Today is 7/7

Remember it?

It was before I started blogging but after I’d started commenting and it’s been mentioned before here that a policeman inside ordered the evacuation 11 seconds before the bomb went off in the station.

Of course I did not snapshot it and so it’s only my word against the state but it was a daily news rag which carried it.  Then ditched it, just as with Larry Silverstein’s ‘pull it’ remarks on 911.

Blair was out of town at Gleneagles for the G8 but Netanyahu was in town.

If nothing else had happened since 2005 across the west, it might well have remained a quirky footnote but instead, we’ve had all sorts, from Rotherham to Cologne to the clear BBC prejudice, to the events from October 2019 until now and thinking people seem more willing to listen to reason now.

We ourselves here have gone into Pizzagate [link over at the other site], which is very much connected to the Missing Children, and if you had any doubts about the savages above and what they do, wade through the Pizzagate series of comments.  Also look at Harbag, Hewitt and PIE.

As if it was even necessary but Sherlock Holmes’s comment to Watson was to the point when he asked just how much evidence he needed to keep piling on Watson until Watson saw what was what.

And so it is here too:

Normal humans don’t do this but if you look at Planned Parenthood’s beginnings and antecedents, you’d hardly call them a ‘humane’ organisation – they’re a funded criminal gang preying on the ‘new’ woman with no principles, plus they are supported in high places.

Dolphin Square was no one-off either, spirit cooking is well documented – these people are sickos of the lowest order … and that’s before we even get onto the gender aberrations of today.

If the theme in the part one of the previous post was about the left not amenable to fact, if the second part was about not underestimating the invader, then this post now is about those above who have caused the whole thing to happen – the ones who facilitated it.

It’s difficult to apply the word ‘human’ to them but STILL people refuse to wake up.

Ladies and gentlemen, what I’m saying to you here is that those above whom many of us have voted for are no more, no less than monsters … and those above have enabled monsters of similar lack of humanity to come in and occupy positions of destruction in our lands.

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  1. July 11, 2020 at 3:46 pm

    And so many people refuse to recognise it!

    The reason is that they rely solely on MSM for news. Everything else is off limits.

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