Sorry, Buddy; but this is England, and we speak English and ONLY English here.

It is, unfortunately, a fact that we, as a nation, have been under lockdown since the 23rd March: because of the CoronaVirus. This process could literally not have been missed nationwide, primarily because of a) empty streets, b), no-one going to work, c) motorways empty, along with major roads, empty trains, buses and empty airports, d) politicians almost permanently on the tv, radio, and for all I know, semaphore, explaining what is or has been happening: plus the fairly abnormal spectacle of all the schools closing, and all the kids cooped up at home. Plus, the numbers of dead people listed as dying through the virus; which is, I suppose, some sort of major clue: plus all hospitals and GP surgeries stopping  ANYONE from coming anywhere near their premises, emergency or not.

Lots of adverts all over radio and tv telling us what we could not do, (Which was a lot) and of course, what we were allowed to do (Which wasn’t very much). So, all in all, what with various Government Departments doing their level best to scare the living daylights out all of us; you could honestly reckon that the ENTIRE NATION, all of us in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland would be well aware that something really nasty was around, and we should seal ourselves off from virtually all the outside world.

But not, apparently, in Leicester. 

Mr Ali, Asim Ali, 34, manager of Fazia Fashion, said: ‘Our workers are predominantly South Asian, and they know the risks they are taking because they are most at risk of catching coronavirus. But what can they do? They are not rich people and need this money to survive.’

He admitted that the company reopened before it was supposed to during the first lockdown, shutting down for only four weeks.

‘We lost around £20,000 per week during that period and had to reopen early. Our workers also wanted to come back. Orders have started picking up again but now this second lockdown has ruined things,’ he added.

Or; wait for it:-

Mohmed Talati, 55, who runs 21 F.C, which specialises in cutting material for garment factories said: ‘We’ll continue to stay open because the factories are going to operate through this lockdown.

‘While that happens, they’ll need material cut for them. There has been very little guidance or advice provided to us. Nobody is sure if we are essential or non-essential and most people have taken the decision to continue operating.’

The manager of Easy Fit, which manufactures women’s clothes said: ‘We closed during the first lockdown for four weeks. After that we had to open, even though we weren’t supposed to.

‘Business was slowly returning to normal and now we have this problem. But we can’t afford to close, and our staff can’t afford not to work. It’s as simple as that.’

Now, as was broadcast at 48 minutes into the BBC Today Programme this morning,  Deepakurl Choham, (I reckon that’s her name, but as this is perhaps one of the more difficult Anglo-Saxon names to spell; perhaps I have it wrong) one of the many apologists for this wholesale law-breaking said (I have shortened the garbage-bin full of excuses) “Because of Leicester’s high numbers of ethnic workers, and because no-one told us how important the lockdown was, everyone sort of relaxed: and then we are now getting leaflets in OTHER LANGUAGES and of course now they understand!!!

The newsreader, Mishal Hussein (Yep) took all this  garbage, and I mean garbage, at face value, and commiserated with these poor, put-upon people because “they are not rich people and need this money to survive.”

So this bunch of sweatshop factory owners opened their doors, and encouraged the Bogus Asylum Seekers, the illegals, the shadowy workforce who are only too keen to work for half the Minimum Wage because, in reality, they aren’t allowed to work anyway: along with the vast majority of the Asian workforce to get back to work, because they didn’t understand the lockdown: BECAUSE NO ONE DISTRIBUTED LEAFLETS IN URDU, AND IN GUJERATI

Didn’t anyone explain that a) you have to be legal to work in England; or b) it just might be a bloody good idea to learn a little English, as you have trotted across half the bloody globe to reach here, and classes are easily available, and at no cost whatsoever?

6 comments for “Sorry, Buddy; but this is England, and we speak English and ONLY English here.

  1. Ed P
    July 11, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    Just like the way to check if someone is racist, by swapping black for white, or Muslim for Jew in what they say, it’s easy to rubbish their excuses.

    Working in Asia, but don’t speak a suitable language? Would you expect everything translated for you, free of charge? That’s what incomers to the UK expect, along with free healthcare, free legal help, free bloody everything it seems.

    I do hope the NHS are charging all illegals for their healthcare and then reporting them to the authorities for eventual repatriation. It’s time these abuses were stopped.

    • sokalowski
      July 11, 2020 at 9:38 pm

      Not sure whether there is linkage. Stats are so wobbly, ’tis difficult to work out which way is up these days. As for the NHS sending out bill’s, ain’t gonna happen)

  2. John in Cheshire
    July 12, 2020 at 8:06 am

    I don’t suppose the Border Service has ever thought that that these premises would yield a veritable harvest of illegals, just ripe for deportation?

    No, of course not, they’re too busy bringing in more of them.

    And the police aren’t arresting the owners for breaking the law because they have their hands full running away from them, when a few of the invaders get uppity.

  3. George
    July 12, 2020 at 9:37 am

    Actually it may be worse than you think. I did once see a piece on Conservative Home by some poli who said that while we spend money on having leaflets translated into many other languages, a lot (can’t remember the statistic quoted, but it was a lot) of these immigrants are illiterate in their own language. So a double waste of time and money.

  4. Valentine Gray
    July 12, 2020 at 9:49 am

    Lockdown has proven one thing, how dumb the native British are, we swallowed it hook line and sinker, you got to give it to the Asians Africans and the BBC they take the piss out of us Bigtime, they should have called it DUMBDOWN , its OK to work in a sweatshop but don’t stand next to someone in a sweetshop its against the law. We Brits surrendered long ago, total capitulation with the next vaccine. Take a knee to the NWO

  5. Mona
    July 12, 2020 at 7:18 pm

    SANITY gone, Britain is now one big madhouse.

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