So, my Capita friends, just try it!

I am, as yet, not completely recovered from my infection, and the problems therein: but an compelled to state; categorically and definitely, that I shall never, ever send my bank statement and personal details to the National Propaganda Machine which also goes under the title of the BBC.


Imagine, any sentient being, capable of independent thought, making a conscious decision to send personal unencrypted  banking details to the Leakiest News Organisation on the Planet? I think not!


I will not apply for a ‘free’ TV licence. I will not disclose to anyone whether I or my wife are in receipt of Pension Credit or not, because it is, quite simply, NONE OF THEIR F*****ING BUSINESS!

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  1. Penseivat
    August 2, 2020 at 5:36 pm

    Several thousand letters to the head of the BBC saying, “You show me yours first.” should concentrate the mind somewhat.
    I just stopped paying for a tv licence some years ago, informing the licensing department that I no longer watch live streamed TV or BBC iplayer. After a couple of visits from Capita, where I wouldn’t let them in and, instead of becoming involved in a conversation, just repeated the above, have heard nothing since.
    Most TV systems these days have recording facilities, so if a programme is recorded and then played back an hour later, it is not being live streamed and no TV licence is required as long as it does not involve a BBC channel. From memory, this became a stated case when VCRs came out.

    • Ripper
      August 2, 2020 at 9:18 pm

      “Most TV systems these days have recording facilities, so if a programme is recorded and then played back an hour later, it is not being live streamed and no TV licence is required as long as it does not involve a BBC channel.”

      Wrong on that I’m afraid.. For the TV to record the program in the first place it would have to be receiving a live broadcast, even if it is recording whilst switched off. The TVLA wording is roughly: “You risk a £1k fine and a criminal record if you watch OR RECORD programs as they are being shown on TV”… That doesn’t mean your TV, that means other people’s.

      I am legally licence free, my TV is only used to play movies from DVD or hard disk and also doubles as a computer monitor. I’ve been like this since 2006, so made it essential to find out all the legalities. The best way to handle Capita goons is not to communicate whatsoever, just shut the door in their face. I still get the threatograms every month but they just go straight in the shredder.

      As far as the goon on the doorstep is concerned, he has no more authority than a door to door salesman. You are not obliged to give any information at all – ESPECIALLY your name, or let him in. He may threaten to get a search warrant, but to do that he has to have concrete proof – a judge or magistrate would not sign one without that, and the goon’s word is not good enough, he needs evidence. Now, how is he to get any evidence if you won’t let him in? Should you enter into any conversation with a goon, he/she will be looking for points to use against you, so best to say nothing. These goons really are the scum of the earth.

      Sometimes they take a ‘statement under caution’. This form is called a TVL178 and is nothing more than a confession form. If you are foolish enough to fill one of these in and sign it, expect the goon to return with a warrant and the Police. Do not think that the Police officer is there to aid the goon’s entry to your home – he is not. He is there solely to prevent a breach of the peace. Even at this point, you still have no obligation to let either goon or Police officer into your home, neither are you obliged to give any information or identify yourself. Always keep in mind that you should say nothing at all, never reply to any of their threatograms and never accept a statement under caution. The monthly threatograms will keep coming but those are meaningless junk mail.

      If you want to cancel your licence, merely stop the direct debit or just don’t renew. You do not have to tell TVLA you are doing this, nor are you under any obligation to inform them that you no longer need one.

      Do yourself a favour and go to Netflix for your entertainment. Subscription but no licence required.

  2. Andy5759
    August 2, 2020 at 10:01 pm

    I pay it. I don’t like paying it. The alternatives are unthinkable, think Dirty Digger. One day, when we have whipped them into shape we may be grateful for the British Broadcasting Corporation. To lose it now could be to lose it forever, only to regret that later. We are big enough to weather this light storm to prepare for the coming deluge.

    The only purpose it serves now is to give me cause to exercise my vocal chords. My too close neighbours know when I’m arguing with Auntie.

    • Ripper
      August 3, 2020 at 1:39 am

      Sorry Andy, I must be too dumb, or naive to fathom out the Dirty Digger bit, but I don’t think the BBC can be whipped into shape. Disgusting purveyors of fake news, smear merchants, a propaganda machine for the left and a bunch of paedos to boot. I for one don’t want to be funding that. The traditional forms of entertainment and dead tree press are dying and rightly so, they have abused their positions in our society for too long.

      What broke me free was the discovery, quite by accident, that a licence is not required to own a TV and it went from there. Say what you like about the internet but whatever the TV does for you, the internet will do better. Its all up there, movies on demand, documentaries, reliable news sources. You can get by even without a subscription to Netflix or the like. The BBC is redundant and the sooner its gone completely, the better. My hanky won’t be overly wet at their demise.

      Its not only the BBC either, its all of them, though the BBC is the worst by far. And its much the same in the US as far as I can tell.. I’m on a forum and there’s a lot of American users on there, and very few of them are even aware of what’s going on in Portland.

    • Itellyounothing
      August 3, 2020 at 5:28 am

      You feed the people who want you dead Chief.

      Pay danegeld, get Danes.

    • Mona
      August 3, 2020 at 8:56 am

      Alternatives unthinkable ?? depends how much the BBC has damaged your brain, like its now frightening the life out of people over this Covid crap, I still have not met anyone who has had it and I ask people all the time. The BBC is a menace in its present form, why doesn’t it do a real inquiry into HCQ and other extremely cheap cures and preventatives. The BBC is a criminal extortionist organisation in the way it obtains its income.

  3. Ripper
    August 3, 2020 at 5:13 pm

    The only other organization in the UK that comes close to the BBC for being fraudulent and cruel is the RSPCA.

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