Boris Johnson did not lie about this

Nope, he warned everyone who has eyes and ears that he’d be doing it soon after he became leader:

He is doing exactly as threatened pre-GE, calling it Brexit. Conversation went something like this:

Boris: Vote for me, I’m Brexit man – see the sign on the front of the lectern?

Turquoise man: What’s that to do wi’it? This is WA2 you’re pushing, we continue to pay reparations for decades to an organisation which will have folded anyway.  Billions of pounds.

Lady from the British voting public at the back: Leave Boris alone, you brute – you prefer Corbyn, you … you socialist! [Chorus of support from the auditorium]

Boris [smiling serenely]: Little tantrum from the Turquoise people there I think.  Look [tossing tousled tresses], it says it quite clearly on the banner … B…r…e…x…i…t.  Now, can we get on with this?

British voters [in unison]: Vote Boris! Vote Boris!

Man from the BVP at the back: Oh yes, Turquoise man, it does say it on the banner, be fair now.

Boris [helpfully, bored now and dreaming of a quick bonk later with Carrie]: Vote Corbyn and get socialism?

Turquoise man [turning to the BVP]: Look you bleedin, effin idiots, you were given suffrage, hard won suffrage – have you even read through the bloody WA2? [Blank looks] Well have you?

Man ft BVP atb: You’re not going to make many friends with that tone, Turquoise man. Besides, your own leader sold you out.

Turquoise man, exasperated, storms out, with one last rejoinder: I bet you all voted twice for Blair too, you freakin idiots!

Boris, with the slightest of smiles, reflecting that he didn’t even need to throw Turquoise man out, in an aside to Darius Guppy, seated behind him: You know what to do, Dari. [Dari slips out the back way.]

Some documents from that time [click pic, keep clicking until it enlarges]:

For those still unable to view the third there, from WA2 itself, it says that, given the proximity of the UK to the EU, there must be ‘fair’ economic ‘cooperation’ with an ‘even playing field’. This includes fisheries and climate change.

This is what Boris was voted in on.

And earlier, Turquoise man illustrating why many of the BVP did not embrace our message:

Maybe we’ll just have to work on friendly tone over substance.

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  1. August 4, 2020 at 7:45 am

    Addendum by Iain Duncan Smith:

    Whilst the UK wants to have a good trade relationship with the EU as a sovereign state, the EU has different ideas. They want our money and they want to stop us being a competitor. The Withdrawal Agreement (WA) we signed last year sadly helps them.

    To avoid their own budget black hole, the EU gets £39billion as a “divorce payment” from us, reflecting our share of the current EU budget. But it gets worse. Buried in the fine print, unnoticed by many, is the fact we remain hooked into the EU’s loan book.

    You can’t be half in the EU & half out, the problem is the WA. It costs too much & it denies us true national independence. This WA giving the EU future control over us has to go. Now Britain faces a £160billion #EU loans bill AFTER #Brexit

    Peter Jeffries [Isle of Wight]:

    I think the position has now changed IDS. You’ll know more than the public. I think the EU are caving according to the Express.

    Brexit Steve:

    It costs £900 a week for a room in this hotel, which has 50 rooms. This full occupancy equates to £45,000 a week.

    This govt, which was elected on a Brexit manifesto, is letting us down and evading any public discussion about this national scandal.

  2. Valentine Gray
    August 4, 2020 at 11:45 am

    The National scandal is the British government, cant wait for the Mengele vaccine then the whole country will be as mad as this government.

    • August 4, 2020 at 3:48 pm

      Half the country already is.

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